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Breathing new life into a shattered people; the three components that set the Rebbe’s leadership apart, in the aftermath of the holocaust.

Rebuilding A Shattered World

Rebuilding A Shattered World


Rebuilding A Shattered World

Breathing new life into a shattered people; the three components that set the Rebbe’s leadership apart, in the aftermath of the holocaust.
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Anonymous georgia March 25, 2016

Your speech definitely is empowered by your own divine self. Thank you Reply

Martha Miami Beach , fl September 14, 2010

Amazing Rabbi I have listened to your audio classes/lectures over and over again. Everytime I listen I pick something up. They are moving, emotional and also humorous. The way you explain things is so heartfelt to me. I discovered my Jewness in my 20's. My grandmother would take me to synogogue and I still observed Shabbat and always kept Kosher. But, I did not have attend anymore after she passed. My grandmother was born in Paris in 1901, I never had anything that stated she was a Jew except for telling me. I love this website and I would have to say that you Rabbi Jocobson are one of my favorites. The main thing I take away is the true meaning about being a Jew and History you speak of. I would love to have this on loud to that everyone can hear these lectures. I would love to attend any lectures or classes anytime in my area. Thank you again, Reply

A Weiler Netanya, Israel June 27, 2009

Moving I am far away from Jewish life and I was deeply moved by this lecture. I want to come back to it. It inspires me . Reply

Anonymous June 21, 2009

The way this Rabbi speaks makes the coming of Moshiah now very real. Hope to hear many more of his messages and speaking for the heart that helps us. Reply

c.h. m. Melbourne February 9, 2009

I triple that. That was fantabulous. It's on all the time when i feel down and when i meet people who want to rebuild their lives i let them. Reply

Anonymous kitchenen, canada July 19, 2008

Brilliant !!!!!! I listened to this lecture several times and I can't have enough of it. Reply

Deborah Jerusalem, ISRAEL December 25, 2007

From Strength to Strength I fully join to the johannesburg anonymous opinion.
3 is too little (even though I hav listened to them several times). Reply

Anonymous Johannesburg, South Africa May 31, 2007

Amazinng and Inspiring This is probably the most powerful talk I have ever heard from any Rabbi. I shall never forget it!

Brilliant! Reply

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