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Twenty-eight articles, each encapsulating a period of the Rebbe’s life, and highlighting key themes that distinguish his ideas.

Scholar, Visionary and Leader

Scholar, Visionary and Leader

A chronological overview of the Rebbe’s life and ideas


In the recent and not-so-recent past, many letters, documents, interviews and books have been published, in addition to the many volumes of the Rebbe’s own teachings. But the sheer wealth of available material makes it difficult to get a brief and systematic view of what most significantly contributes to the Rebbe’s lasting influence as a scholar, visionary and leader.Torah scholarship, philosophical vision and communal leadership . . . a single narrative.

Each of the twenty-eight articles in this series encapsulates a different period of the Rebbe’s life, and highlights key themes that distinguish his ideas. Drawing on the Rebbe’s public talks, private journals, and other primary sources, as well as on many excellent interviews conducted by Jewish Educational Media, this series weaves threads of the Rebbe’s Torah scholarship, philosophical vision and communal leadership into a single narrative.

This is by no means an exhaustive treatment, but a series of snapshots designed to provide rich insight, detail and color.

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