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Remember Your Mother!

Remember Your Mother!


One Sunday morning in 1991, Rabbi Peretz Hecht, my father Rabbi Chaim Meir Bukiet, and I, waited together in the famous line that led to where the Rebbe, of righteous memory, would distribute dollars to be given to charity.

Rabbi Hecht approached the Rebbe first. The Rebbe gave him a dollar, and then handed him another dollar saying, "This [dollar] is for your mother." Rabbi Hecht froze; his mother had passed away many years ago.

The Rebbe, noting Rabbi Hecht's confusion, repeated, "For your mother."

Rabbi Hecht stared at the Rebbe, unable to utter a word. The Rebbe asked with a smile, "You know that you have a mother?!"

Rabbi Hecht bent over and whispered to the Rebbe's aide, Rabbi Leibel Groner, that his mother had passed away many years ago. Rabbi Groner repeated this information to the Rebbe. The Rebbe immediately responded, "And so what?"

Rabbi Hecht took the dollar for his deceased mother and left, very puzzled and befuddled.

Immediately after exiting the building, Rabbi Hecht began to cry out, "Oy vay! Today is my mother's birthday!"

The Rebbe gave him a dollar for charity to be given in his mother's merit on her birthday.

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mendy hecht forest hills ny December 16, 2012

In honor of my Zaidy Peretz Hecht's passing today. I saw the clip of this dollars and I guess the story teller remembers it but not precise.The story was that my Zaidy went by the Rebbe for dollars and the Rebbe gave another dollar and said "Dos Iz Far De mameh" -This is for the mother. Zaidy was puzzled as his mother passed away years before but took the dollar with a smile and went on. Rabbi Leibel Groner asked the Rebbe that Reb Peretz's mother passed away long ago? The Rebbe called Zaidy back and told him " Dos Iz Lzecher Haneshama"- This is in memory of the soul that passed on reffering to his mother (The Rebbe called Zaidy back to explain what the Rebbe meant the first time). Possibly the last part of the story is true as the clip does not show it-He realized that it was also his mothers Birthday when he left the Rebbe and understood why the Rebbe gave him an extra dollar in her memory for charity. May Zaidy Peretz be with us again with Moshiach Now! Reply

Anonymous Far Rockaway August 21, 2011

Reply to Nova Friburgo You have a daughter. That makes you a very lucky woman - some women never have a daughter. Very well, let the mother daughter relationship for you mean only your relationship to your daughter, and hopefully one day your daughter will also be lucky enough to give birth to a daughter. Let go of the past, concentrate on the present and future generations. Make yourself the very best mother possible to your daughter. Make it a loving and fulfilling relationship. Hope that your own daughter will always bond closely to her loving mother (you) and be in turn a good mother to her own daughter one day. You have the power to create something beautiful and fresh out of the ashes of ugly bitter memories. It is all up to you. Good luck and may Gd be with you. Reply

Karen Roback Bayside, NY July 26, 2010

To Remember your mother I have been thinking about what you wrote. I want to tell you not to blame yourself in any way. I think that your mother is angry at herself for getting pregnant so young and is taking her feelings out on you. It is a shame that you can't talk to her about what she truly feels because if she could get in touch with her feelings she could have a better relationship with you. You will always be her child no matter what the circumstances were and if she could talk about it with you or maybe a therapist you might be able to finally have a better relationship with her. Reply

Salvador GarciaMD san antonio, TX July 22, 2010

LOVE YOUR MOM This beautiful story reminds me of the example my mother gave me by being a loving daughter to my grandma. Today with this story i realize why i love my mom so much although she died prematurely at 51 y/o whe i was in my 20s. To everybody reading dont waste time see and love your mom on a daily basis when they are gone you will miss her on an hourly basis. Reply

Karen Roback Bayside, NY July 16, 2010

loss of mother I found this story to be very beautiful. I lost my mother in May and still feel her presence with me. On Shabbat, before I light the candles, I had gotten into the habit of putting a penny for each of my immediate family members in the pushka (charity box), which of course included my mom. Since her passing, I have continued doing this and feel like she is still with us. Reply

Rebecca Shellim Sanker Mumbai, India July 16, 2010

Story of Mother This story reminded me of both my mother-in-law, who was as good as real mother, and my real mother. My mummmy (in law) was very cute and loving and caring. She passed 2 years ago but still her presence is felt by every one. Reply

Anonymous Vienna, Austria July 16, 2010

mother's cruelty My heart goes out to you. This is very difficult to bear. Rejection by the mother can lead to many emotional difficulties all through life, but, it need not be so. One can learn from a parent what NOT to do. Honoring a parent has many teachings attached, and it does not require that one 'love' the parent, but that as a child, one does the right thing, setting a good example for the next generation. One can study what 'honoring' entails. You cannot control your mother, but you can forgive her, not judge her and decide upon your own actions. It is easy to say, but what is the alternative? Wishing you strength, compassiona and wisdom in your words and deeds. Reply

Linda West Seneca, NY July 15, 2010

Don't Forget Your Mother What a precious story. My Mom passed away in 2004 and I miss her everyday. We had our problems, but I know she loved me she just did not like me. We were able to resolve a lot of differences at the end of her life, and for this I am very blest. I hope when I leave this world my children will remember me too. Reply

Anonymous Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil July 15, 2010

Remember your mother My mother was pregnant with me when she got married. She has treated me with extreme cruelty since I was a child and has taught my sisters and brother to reject me. I've tried everything to have a friendly relationship with her and to have her acceptance. I'm 57 years old now. This article called my attention because I gave her a phone call yesterday in another attempt, trying to have an - at least - civilized conversation. She didn't listen to me, as usual. She didn't care about my feelings. She kept blaming me as she usually does, for everything that goes wrong with her ("I got married young and it spoiled my life", etc.). I listened, I said good night and hung up. Then it came to my mind that there is an impossibility between my mother and I. There is no use in my attempts when she is decided not to dialogue and be my friend. I think it affects my daughter... It makes her feel sad and disappointed... Reply

Susan St. Joseph, Mi July 15, 2010

I'm learning. Wow!!! Did this ever help me. My parents have passed away many years ago. What a wonderful teaching!!! One I will never forget, it has changed my life. Praise to God. Reply

gary braut KL, Malaysia July 15, 2010

dollars from the Rebbe From this story we better understand how much our Rebbe knows so many things Reply

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