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Source of Healing
During Shemini Atzeres hakafos in 1977, the Rebbe suffered a massive heart attack. Dr. Moshe Feldman was a member of the medical team that treated the Rebbe at 770.
The Land of Our Inheritance
The open miracles that G-d has shown the Jewish people in the Holy Land in our own times are a powerful reminder of its importance and centrality to the entire nation.
Greeting the Bride
The Wedding Maamar
A Matter of Choice
A Jew shares a relationship with G-d on two levels, that of the soul and that of the body. While the Tanya relates that the soul is “a veritable part of G-d above,” and its relationship to G-d is...
Timeless Moment
Month of Miracles
Eye to Eye
On the Rebbe’s Mind
My Encounter
"For man is a tree of the field" (Deuteronomy 20:19) -- our roots are our faith and commitment, our trunk and branches are our learning and character, and our deeds are our fruits
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