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Learning Center
This is G-d’s message to his oppressed people. And this is G-d’s solace to us in our moments of misery.
Tanya Bits
Each of the four elements spiritually symbolizes a core character trait of the animal soul.
Biblical Women
As a mother of young children, it is easy for me to lose perspective amidst the peaks and valleys of parenting. It will be years before I will see the fruits of my labor . . .
Pioneers of Faith
The Magazine
Life Lessons
This week, for maybe the first time in my adult life, I attended a Hachnasat Sefer Torah that affected me deeply, in ways I could not have imagined beforehand.
Personal Stories
Our upstairs neighbors for the past four years have been, well, challenging to say the least.
Dear Rachel
Whenever she sees me, she throws a fit of rage and shouts at me in public or leaves the event, claiming she can't be in the same room with me.

Dear Readers,

As each of my pregnancies progressed, my husband and I discussed potential names for our soon-to-be newborn baby. We pored over lists, girls’ and boys’ names, as well as names of deceased relatives.

Despite our many hours of deliberation, we didn’t name any of our children after the names we had initially chosen. As each child was finally born, we looked deeply into the...

A Jewish leader is not one who is born in a supernatural way. He is a normal person who has a father and mother, and who has elevated himself spiritually to be worthy of his rank.
— Planting the Seeds of Leadership
Handy Household Hacks
Lost Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives always getting lost in your drawers? Install a magnetic bar on the back of your counter wall to hold knives or small tools securely.

Judging Others

Instead of putting others in their place, put yourself in their place.

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