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An in-depth exploration on an assortment of Ethics of the Fathers.
Is there a window of compassion and understanding that I haven’t opened?
Rosh Chodesh
This is the time to take the inspiration and all that we gained in the month of Tishrei and integrate it into our lives.
Tanya Bits
While we may not be aware of it, we are united with G‑d at every moment.
The Magazine
Children hear the nuances of our voice, and their emotions are affected by them.
I have questions. I’m still intrigued. But I am worried that the criminal charges will close that door. Why? Because I might see you as “other” and relate more to the “not me” part of your story.
Personal Story
A Letter on Intermarriage
A Healthier Version of the Traditional American Peanut Butter "Buckeye" Ball

Dear Readers,

Do you ever think to yourself: “I’m drowning! I’m swamped with life’s demands!”

Whether it’s slaving away at our jobs, sinking into the insurmountable pile of our bills or worrying about the hundreds of big and little things that challenge us, how can we stay afloat? When life comes rushing at us—leaving us with a never-ending “To Do” list, and making us feel confused and...

Parents of confident children make their children their highest priority. When their children see how much they are valued, they grow confident.
— What Do Parents of Happy, Helpful, Confident Children Do Differently?
Handy Household Hacks
Shower Hooks

Use shower hooks in your closet to hang things like purses, belts or scarves.


When you aim for greatness, you discover it is a moving target.

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