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Samson was so strong that the surrounding Phillistines were shaking in fear from his might. Nothing at all could come in his way. Here is the story of his life and the secret behind his strength.
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Even if you don’t experience the kind of results you anticipated, if you follow the Torah’s protocol for serving G‑d, you need not feel frustration over not seeing tangible results to your efforts....
Parshah Re’eh
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This guy is acting as if I am a separate creation. As if I have nothing to take personally. He is effacing my gender. The lack of embarrassment is startling...
A fresh, summery dessert

Dear Readers,

I was walking in a crime-ridden neighborhood of Brooklyn, and there was a shabby-looking man with an outstretched arm, asking for charity. I had some cash in my purse, but I didn’t want to draw attention to it. I quickened my pace, looked straight ahead and pretended not to see.

It was the end of a hard and aggravating day. Nothing had gone the way I had planned or wanted. My...

While other mitzvahs might use a specific part of the body, charity involves giving money that we earned with our time, talent and expertise.
— The Most for the Least
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Hang an over-the-door shoe organizer in the shower for your shampoo, soap and toiletries.

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Some 98 percent of all statistics are made up.

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