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A person’s environment, personality and situation all play a role in directing a person towards their next step
Biblical Women
Esther’s evolution seems to be one of a different nature
Let’s take a step back and look at the context of the Purim story
Sometimes our mistake has devastating consequences. In just a moment of thoughtlessness, lives are shattered. The damage is irreversible. Relationships are severed, reputations sullied beyond...
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Craft It Jewish
Some people like to go all out and coordinate their food gifts with their costumes. Here are some theme suggestions and printable tags you can stick on them
Craft It Jewish
Bring the Purim story to life!
Time In Thought
The Fast of Esther Balancing Act
Sweet & Savory
Readers Write
While you may see "an older single," I see something different

Dear readers,

One of the most dramatic scenes from our nation’s history unfolds as Moses descends Mt. Sinai holding the tablets containing the Ten Commandments. Witnessing his people worshipping a golden calf, he throws down the tablets, shattering the priceless covenantal agreement between the Jewish people and G‑d.

Biblical commentaries offer various reasons why Moses broke the tablets. One...

The story of Purim is the tale of a nation in exile, a G‑d in hiding, and the beautiful and meek concubine who was not all she seemed. It is about things hidden, a queen hiding her heritage. But it is also a story of truth. Because some truths cannot be revealed in the open. Because sometimes it is not what is said but what is omitted that is important.
— She Is Esther, or Is She?
Sign on Fridge

Wouldn’t it be so great if we could put ourselves in the dryer for 10 minutes and come out wrinkle free and 3 sizes smaller?

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