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When the Nine Days come, the parent of a food-allergic child tends to get even more creative than usual . . 
It might be awkward and not my style right now to say it, but I do love you . . 
Life Lessons
Oh, no! Parking enforcement, my nemesis, had caught up with me
An easy dairy dinner for the Nine Days
Creating Light Under Fire

Dear readers,

Yellow. What mood does it evoke in you? Sunshine. Brightness. Happiness.

How about black? Darkness. Mourning. Despair. Constriction.

Do you have a favorite painting or portrait? Examine it closely. What do you like about it? Is it colorful? Vibrant? Realistic? Does it make you happy?

Look carefully at its colors. While it may have many hues, no doubt it has a good amount of...

Trust is so powerful. When you show me that you trust me and my abilities, I feel good about myself and about you, and I don't want to disappoint you.
— 15 Thoughts Teenagers Wish They Could Share With Their Parents
Where You Reside

A colleague was relating a conversation he had with his young daughter, just a bit over 2 years old. They were discussing geography and . . .

“Where does Mommy live?”


“Where does Grandma live?”


“Where does Grandpa live?”


“And where does Daddy live?”

“At work!”

Needless to say, he took the morning off the next day . . .

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