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The message of Seudat Moshiach
I was feeling great before she walked into the room. She came in, our eyes met, and my joie de vivre started to deflate . . 
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How your thoughts create reality
Modeling is the best way to teach
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From Frazzled to Focused
It’s hard to live a streamlined lifestyle with a constant flow of new “stuff.” Try these tips for curbing unnecessary purchases
Please remember how difficult it is to change. Help me work on one thing at a time. I can’t change all my faults at once
Personal Stories
I am no longer chasing something out of reach. Judaism has permeated my life and integrated into who I am, how I act, the way I think and the choices I make

Have you noticed the condition of the roads? Now that the snow has finally abated and the roads are cleared of ice and sleet, a new nuisance has surfaced.


You can’t drive far before the thump literally hits you. And just as you regain control of your leaping vehicle, you land with a new thud into the next, even deeper pothole, causing further damage to your car.

Though seemingly...

Women of Distinction

Bitter was the daily fare of the Jewish slaves in their Egyptian exile. What began as forced labor steadily degenerated into acts of unspeakable brutality and horror, culminating with Pharaoh’s decree to murder all newborn male infants, and his bathing in Jewish children’s blood.

While the physical labor was backbreaking, the moral toll was similarly exacting. The family unit was shattered...


“How is your marriage?” someone once asked a woman.

Her response: “Before I got married, I was incomplete. Now that I am married, I am finished.”

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