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Learning Center
When tending to a baby’s needs, there is no need to be apologetic.
The mitzvahs of mezuzah and charity
Time In Thought
Despite the obvious rawness of the environment, I could not help but think about the potential this apartment had.
A Jewish understanding of what leadership really means
The Magazine
Dear Rachel
I consider myself to be a very attentive listener, but as soon as it is my turn to talk, people start reading, checking their phones or talking about something completely unconnected to what I’m...
Acts of Transformation

Dear Reader,

Do you hear yourself thinking: “Who am I to object? There are others who are far more (fill in the blank: learned, courageous, community-minded, well-connected, etc.). Who am I to voice my protest? Besides, even if I do say something, this is how it always was done and always will be done. I am not going to make any difference!”

This week’s Torah portion is about trailblazers...

The destruction of the Temple was a temporary event. The Temple is eternal. It is expressed in every single one of our thoughts, deeds and actions. It is constantly being built on a spiritual level, and although it was once destroyed, in essence it still exists on this level.
— Celebrating Destruction

Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible and before long you’ll be doing the impossible.

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