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Each time she came for the Seder, I would breathe deeply, wondering why she came back
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Cute and colorful and will help bring the Passover story to life
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The pain of Passover was an indescribable, overwhelming feeling of sadness
Lettuce, mango, avocado, radishes and grilled chicken come together for a light, refreshing, healthy and delicious salad

Dear reader,

The countdown has begun. There’s about two weeks left until the Passover holiday begins.

Supermarkets in major Jewish cities are in a frenzy. Shelves have been cleared of cakes and snacks, and are now covered with shelving paper and stacks of kosher-for-Passover holiday foods. Incredibly, the day after Passover, none of these expensive products will be worth their wrapping. But...

It takes me a while to get into preparing for Passover. It’s not that I don’t like cleaning. Sometimes I can be a little neurotic about cleanliness and order. So as Passover approaches, why am I a bit reluctant to get caught up in it? Maybe because Passover is only half a redemption…
— Why Celebrate Passover when We’re Still in Exile?
On a Bumper Sticker

I don’t want to brag or make anybody jealous of anything, but I can still fit into my earrings that I wore in High School.

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