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Time in Thought
I confess: After 35 years of living as an observant woman, I am pretty mediocre and irregular at davening (prayer)
For survivors of trauma, the ability to let go of frightful memories is essential to the healing process
Time in Thought
The question of who takes the initiative has a profound effect on the nature of the relationship
Every home has its distinct atmosphere
The Magazine
Dear Rachel
I am afraid of making a decision that I’ll later regret
Crafts for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot
Readers Write
I have learned to train my eyes on Charlie’s brilliant smile and to forget the other children gawking at her on the playground
Tzimmes is one of those traditional Jewish foods that seems to have dozens of variations

Dear readers,

Did you build a fence around your pool? Or a guardrail around your roof or balcony?

This week’s Torah portion cautions us about erecting a fence around our roof or any dangerous area, like a swimming pool, balcony or tall staircase. You say that you don’t have any situation requiring a fence? Nevertheless, this law still applies to you!

Aside from its important and practical...

G‑d created a world with dueling, conflicting powers to give us the opportunity to vanquish the evil and channel its energy to good.
— Vinegar for the Soul
The Ultimate Compliment

A young man from London became engaged to a young girl from America.

Over a romantic dinner, he looked into her eyes and in his most complimentary voice said, “I must tell you, you look like a million pounds!”

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