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Learning Center
Rosh Chodesh
This month, Adar l, is an added month in the Jewish leap year.
Time in Thought
My daughter is always complaining that “all the other mothers” always do their children’s projects and homework for them . . .
The Kabbalah of Behavior
The Magazine
Jewish Women You Should Know
I remember 13 years ago. An icy rain like death called to me from the west. I looked out the window in the darkness and shivered.
Pondering Jew
Many years ago I learned about the quality of bittul, which usually translates into words like “self-nullification,” “self-abnegation,” “humility,” words that didn’t even sound very Jewish to my...

Dear reader,

Want a quick trick to become happy? Try smiling.

In the late 1980s, researchers had subjects hold pencils in their mouths in various ways to mimic smiles or frowns. They discovered that by flexing facial muscles, even without knowing why, their subjects’ emotional reactions changed. Those who smiled rated things much more positively than those who frowned. Additional tests gave...

Help, guide and brainstorm with your child. But remember: the greatest learning experience occurs when your child actualizes his abilities to create his own edifice.
— The Self-Made Child
The Good Life

The good life is smiling often, dreaming big, laughing a lot—and realizing just how blessed you are.

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