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It seems that every year the dreidel-makers try to outdo themselves
As parents we need to ignite our children's flame of passion and ensure that their excitement for Yiddishkeit doesn't become extinguished
I remember the first Shabbat meal that I hosted on my own
Imagine if we, as busy women, were able to take a half an hour out of our day and just sit and relax, completely guilt free
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Life Lessons
Good teachers inspire us to grow. By expecting the best from us, they make us better
Craft It Jewish
Surrounded by strangers, he was afraid to strike a match or recite a blessing for fear of calling undue attention to himself and his family
Golden & Crispy
Three key lessons about living in the shadow of terror, and about responding to fear

Dear reader,

There is no denying that reading the news nowadays is not a happy activity. We’re inundated with tragic stories. It feels like our world is going crazy.

Several weeks ago, when I read about the ghastly butchering of fathers in prayer shawls, I went into my numb mode. It’s a mode that I noticed I’m going into more and more, kind of like an emotional dissonance. A part of me wants...

Why the game of dreidel? The dreidel doesn’t just fall on its own, there is a Spinner in the game. Your power, your might, your skills and your talents don’t matter. It’s your fate that gets you where you are, and that is controlled by the Spinner. Every place you “fall,” it is because the Spinner wants you there.
— The Spinner of Our Lives

Friendship is like a book. It takes a few seconds to burn, but it takes years to write.

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