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The Holiday of Tu B'av
Parshah Essay
Pure idealism follows the dictates of truth alone. On the other hand, without realistic thinking my dreams would stay in the world of fantasy…
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When G-d does make demands of me, they tend to be in trivial areas—but areas that hit me where it counts
Genuine love not only respects the individuality of the other, but actually seeks to cultivate it
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This tiny watch has actually taught me something valuable about the way we approach our lives on a daily basis
In 1964 this condition was virtually unknown, still in its infancy. I was overwhelmed, and unsure of how I would cope
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A sudden overwhelming urge for chocolate made my eyes snap open

Dear reader,

Most of us have been to the synagogue on Yom Kippur. We’ve munched matzah at the Passover Seder. We’ve watched Uncle Marvin kindle the Chanukah menorah while noshing on Aunt Sally’s oily latkes. We may have dressed as clowns with our kids on the joyous day of Purim; and we mourned on the 9th of Av, when our Temples were demolished.

These are all remarkable days on our calendar...

Love, like the act of creation, is the courageous act of creating space for the presence of the other

They begin the evening news with “Good Evening”.
They then proceed to tell you why it isn’t.

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