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No form of energy is of any use unless there is a way to channel and harness it
Jewish Womanhood
Each letter of her name stood for one of the three special mitzvahs gifted and entrusted to women
Is sleep a necessary evil, a luxury intended only for teenagers?
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The Kabbalah of Healing Relationships
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Jewish Womanhood
You mean you don’t touch boys at all?!
I need to feel at home with myself
Dear Rachel
What can I do to help my daughter become more confident?
Quick, easy, healthy & gluten free

Dear reader,

Possibly the most popular phrase in the Torah is “Love your fellow as yourself.”

Idealistic words, for sure, but possible? Can we love someone— a stranger—as much as we love ourselves?

On the most basic level, this means that we need to wish good upon others. Practical examples would be treating others with respect (just like we wish to be treated) and wanting good for others...

No form of energy is of any use unless there is a way to channel and harness it. There are certain times of the year when special spiritual energy is generated. We must find a way to capture the energy and use it to energize our continuing development as human beings.
— Renewable Energy
Marriage Humor

Jack's friend asked him for the secret of his long and happy marriage.
''When we got engaged," Jack said, "we came up with a plan for how to keep our relationship great. We agreed that I would make the big decisions and she would makes the little ones."
"Interesting," said his friend. "So what kinds of small decisions does you wife make?"
"She gets to choose where we live, where the kids go to school, and where we go on vacation."
"And your big decisions?" his friend asked.
"Oh, I decide on things like how to reverse global warming, improve the economy, and achieve world peace."

Candle Lighting Times
Parshat Acharei-Kedoshim
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