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The Kabbalah of Behavior
Sometimes we don’t see our own value.
Moses’ task of nurturing his flock’s faith expresses itself in its fullest at those times when we are “crushed.”
Harness the Body’s Passion to Increase the Soul’s Joy
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Life Lessons
Had I ever seen someone who was thin with hunger?
Our sages tell us that we should aim to avoid extremes
Life Lessons
His face was bleeding profusely

Dear reader,

I recently returned from the West Coast. On my last day there, the woman who drove me to my destination in Riverside offered to show me around her city. Hiking with Brittney in mid-January along paths littered with towering palm trees and picturesque tropical flowers in sunny California was a huge treat.

Brittney is artistic, so she showed me some great art spots in...

G‑d asked for olive oil that was “crushed for the luminary.” Crushing challenges are opportunities for endurance and growth, to bring forth light that illuminates the environment.
— The Oil of the Soul
Don't Laugh!

Never laugh at your wife’s choices.

You are one of them.

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