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What is the Torah's perspective on dreams? Do our dreams have any meaning?
The necklace symbolized the mutual commitment the couple had for each other and for their values.
A deeper examination of the nature of humility and self-assertion reveals that not only are they not mutually exclusive qualities, but that indeed one cannot operate without the other.
The Magazine
Pondering Jew
I tried saying it effortlessly, like I'd been saying it all my life…
Time In Thought
Her father disowned her, she lost her social status in the community, she lost her friends and her neighbors.
Dear Rachel
My boss seems to believe that I have the skills to chat up clients and make them want to work with us. I'm afraid I'm not going to do a very good job.

Dear Readers,

Imagine that it’s the end of an especially trying week. You feel depleted emotionally, and physically drained. You bump into a particularly difficult individual—an acquaintance, colleague, neighbor—someone who has a knack of rubbing you in all the wrong ways.

Generally, you try very hard to remain positive with this individual, but it requires every ounce of your patience and...

The most powerful weapon we have to conquer our fears, foes and inadequacies is drawing our bow to ourselves: discovering and strengthening our inner essence, knowing who we are, and knowing why we are here.
On Challenges

Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.

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