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Must we move to heaven to experience infinite ethereality? I think not
Inspiring Jewish Heroines
Beyond the ingredients and temperature that produce the bread, there is the blessing from G‑d that energizes the baking process
All Jews are well-diggers, even today. Whatever you do for your physical livelihood and your spiritual livelihood, all depends on digging lasting wells
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It was the perfect activity for one of those dreary Sunday afternoons in the summer: a visit to my father's grave
She was having a bad Monday morning. I saw it all over her face
All the troubles of the week, seemed to disappear. But in my mother’s eye, there was a tear
Sufganiyot—jelly doughnuts—are synonymous with Chanukah. Try filling them with this easy, homemade cranberry jam for a seasonal twist

Dear reader,

Anne aspired to work in the modeling field. She realized, however, that even if she lost the requisite pounds, she couldn’t grow the necessary inch. Her face, too, while striking and exotic, lacked the symmetry that defined conventional beauty.

Sam was a bright boy who loved exploring. He wished he could consistently bring home excellent grades, but Sam didn’t do well in a...

Perhaps moving in tandem with G‑d means that I am neither to rush forward nor slow down, but rather to simply be acutely present in every breathing moment. Perhaps, G‑d moves at no pace—perhaps, instead, G‑d is the place.
— Life Beyond the Kármán Line
A Different Answer

Teacher: Name two days of the week that start with a “T”.

Student: Today and Tomorrow.

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