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Kids get upset a lot. Adults do too. In fact, miserable feelings are a gift from G‑d, a signal that something is wrong and needs to be fixed.
Jewish Women You Should Know
A Journey from Grief

How many battles did you fight today?

None, you say? Think again.

Did you fight fatigue in order to pry your eyes open this morning? Did you fight the mad traffic jam to navigate to work? At the office, did you fight laziness to climb the stairs instead of riding the elevator? Did you fight lethargy to focus on the tasks at hand? Did you fight the clock to meet your deadline? Did you fight...

The Hebrew word for transgression is chet, but actually means “missing the mark.” It means not seeing ourselves with clarity and responding in harmful ways. And teshuvah means literally “to return”--to a clear, spiritual perspective that has not been distorted.
— Running on Empty
Never Too Late

You’re never too learn something stupid.

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