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Lag BaOmer
Am I really at the age when it’s “normal”—not that it ever feels normal—to have one’s parents pass away?
Video Class
We don't need to like everyone. We do need to love them
Sara wonders about this feminine need for “balance.”
Time in Thought
Maya asked a few questions, peered into cupboards and bedrooms in her best social-worker manner, and then left. I was sure we passed the test . . 
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First Person
I would never have expected that I would meet a sister in Beijing, but that’s exactly what happened
Pondering Jew
I now appreciate that tzedakah is more than a Jewish ethical obligation or a mitzvah to check off. It also has a spiritual component
Jewish Women You Should Know
The true story of a girl who learned to believe in herself

Dear reader,

I was teaching a group of young women and I asked them to raise their hand if they loved themselves. All the hands eventually rose, but reluctantly.

I then asked them to raise their hand if they felt that they had any ugly faults or flaws that they would like to change. Surprisingly, the hands now all rose swiftly and unhesitatingly.

We could translate this as a lack...

We need to rewrite our script, changing ourselves from the victim in the story to the hero. Turning ourselves into brave warriors rather than figures of pity will give us the strength to keep on going through the wilderness of our own personal hardships, until each of us reaches our own, individual Mount Sinai.
— Changing the Narrative

I used to think I was indecisive.

But now, I’m not sure.

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