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Why Is Jewishness Passed Down Through the Mother?

Why Is Jewishness Passed Down Through the Mother?



Why is Judaism passed down through the mother? I understand in olden times it was easy to know who your mother was and there was no way of proving fatherhood. But these days we have DNA testing, so why can't someone be Jewish even if only their father is Jewish?


Jewishness is not in our DNA. It is in our soul. The reason it is passed down through the maternal line is not just because it is easier to identify who your mother is. It is because the soul identity is more directly shaped by the mother than the father.

Jewishness is not in our DNA From a purely physical perspective, a child is more directly connected to their mother. The father's contribution to the production of a child is instantaneous and remote. The mother, on the other hand, gives her very self to the child . The child is conceived inside the mother, develops inside the mother, is sustained and nourished by the mother, and is born from the mother.

This is not to say that a father and child are not intimately attached. Of course they are. But as deep and essential as the bond between father and child may be, the child's actual body was never a part of her father's body. But she was a part of her mother. Every child begins as an extension of their mother's body.

This is a simple fact. It doesn't mean she will be closer to her mother, or more similar to her mother, or follow her mother's ways. We are not discussing the emotional bond between parent and child, but rather the natural physical bond. There is a more direct physical link between mother and child, because a child starts off as a part of her mother.

The body and its workings are a mirror image of the workings of the soul. The physical world is a parallel of the spiritual world. And so, the direct physical link between mother and child is a reflection of a soul link between them. While the father's soul contributes to the identity of the child's soul, it is the mother's soul that actually defines it. If the mother has a Jewish soul, the child does too.

If the mother is not Jewish but the father is, his Jewish soul will not be extended to the child. There may be a spark of Jewishness there, but if it was not gestated in a Jewish mother, the child will have to go through conversion for their Jewishness to be activated.

Jewishness is passed down by the mother because being Jewish is a spiritual identity, it defines our very being. And our very being we get from our mother, both in body and in soul.

Aron Moss is rabbi of the Nefesh Community in Sydney, Australia, and is a frequent contributor to
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Discussion (69)
February 26, 2015
My Deep DNA
I am saddened to learn that my DNA, which is 7 percent Jewish, would not be considered Jewish. I love all of my family history. I will continue to learn about Jewish history and will keep an open mind. If I am correct, my mother's haplogroup K2a and my autosomal DNA which is 7 percent Jewish are from Central Europe and North Africa. Blessings to you.
January 25, 2015
Re: Prove it
Being Jewish is something that only the mother, and not the father, can pass on to the child. Being Jewish means being a member of the covenant G-d made with Israel at Sinai. Being a member of the covenant means being a part of the people of the Torah, who has the obligation of living fully according to the Torah, and who has the ability to bring G-dliness into the world through living according to the Torah. If a non-Jewish woman has a child, regardless of whether or not she had the child by a Jewish man, that child should not be taken away from her and relegated to the father's people.
Rabbi Shmary Brownstein
January 9, 2015
prove it

I would like Rabbi Moss to elaborate what he believes someone who has a jewish mother but not a jewish father possesses or has inherently and specifically different in their soul from someone has a jewish father but not a jewish mother.
October 13, 2014
I love this explanation. My father is Jewish and my mother Christian. I am a Christian. You put it so beautifully. Rather than being legalistic. It makes sense!
October 13, 2014
To Anthony
I suggest that you have a look at Was Jewishness Always Matrilineal? AID 945298 and Why Is Jewishness Matrilineal AID 601092 for a treatment of this issue.
Menachem Posner
October 13, 2014
trying to make sense
I have also heard of the "Jewish soul lineage" or "DNA" , but why and how are they (the person who is given a Jewish soul) chosen? Why not just give it to someone with a Jewish lineage and make it simple?
October 9, 2014
Doesn't make sense?
They say being Jewish is passed down to the mother side.I'm assuming everybody who's written on here has read the Bible and according to the Bible there are only two ways to be Jewish.One must be converted or be a descendant from Abraham.Abraham was a male, King David was a male Jacob was a male and so on anybody from that descendant line is Jewish and they're all male.
Van Nuys
September 8, 2014
Matrilineage is the new way, patrilineage was the old way. The only reason to use Matrilineage is if you don't have DNA testing and multiple sexual partners is a regular occurrence. Which it was, and that's why Matrilineage became vogue. Now it is just stale dogma repeated by robots who do not have the will to attain to a living religion.
Izi Ningishzidda
August 9, 2014
Ethiopian Jews and lineage
As I understand it, there was initially controversy about accepting Ethiopian Jews as really Jews. As an isolated sub-group, some of their rituals and traditions evolved differently-for instance I think I recall learning that they circumcised at age 13. The reasons for the concern, however are not as relevant to my comment/question as how, their Jewishness, and thus their qualification for "Law of Return" to Israel was confirmed. From what I understand, genetic testing, through the Y chromosome, confirmed that they were in fact biologically of Jewish decent...they were "really Jews" and thus accepted into Israel as such. Now we are talking about a lot of people...I seriously doubt that each individual, man or woman was interviewed and screened to be sure that every family had a mother, or grandmother, etc was biologically Jewish or had converted according to Halakhah. So confirmation of "Jewishness" by by paternal lineage was accepted. Seems a progressive precedent was set
Marilyn Hallowell
August 6, 2014
Rabbi Aminadav Hinton
I disagree, Jewish bloodline, ancestral lineage is also provable by DNA Y chromosome Geno testing. In like manner Ha'Cohenim, Leviim are considered Jewish by their patriarchal lineage and not by their matriarchal ancestry. Jewishness in reference to Ger Tzedek is a matter of the soul, a matter of adhesion with the Creator. However we who are Jewish rather born or proven by DNA can not be dismissed. Even my own DNA states that I have Jewish Blood from Portugal, Mozambique, Nigeria and Turkey. Is this coincidental, I think not!
Rabbi Aminadav Hinton
San Antonio TX
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