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Enjoy this 1-minute video on the beauty and power of the Jewish mother...Happy Mother's Day!

How Many Jewish Mothers Does it Take...?

How Many Jewish Mothers Does it Take...?


How Many Jewish Mothers Does it Take...?

Enjoy this 1-minute video on the beauty and power of the Jewish mother...Happy Mother's Day!
Chana Jenny Weisberg is the creator of the Real Jewish Moms video series, which can be viewed on her popular Jewish parenting website.
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Amy Levy LA, CA May 12, 2009

To Tanya I definitely hear your point that a father and husband can have a tremendous impact on how a child "feels" in regards to Judaism. But according to Jewish law, and based on the spiritual nature and power of the Jewish woman, the SOUL of the child is determined ONLY by the mother. So how a child feels or connects to Judaism many people can influence, but what makes that child a Jew is his or her mother only. Personally, as a woman, I find it both beautiful and empowering. Practically, it is everything. Just like you can be very patriotic, love America, wear red, white and blue, sing the anthem 10 times a day, but when it comes time to vote, you are either a citizen or you are not. Just doens't matter how American you feel. With Judaism it is the same. Your mother is Jewish or she is not. And if not, and if you still "feel" Jewish, then that is when one looks into a true conversion according to Jewish law. But ONLY the mother determines a child's Jewishness... Reply

Mixedjewgirl Pittsburgh, PA May 10, 2009

Thanks for including us! As a Black Jew, I rarely see images of myself in the Jewish mainstream. Thank you for realizing that Jewish mothers come in many colors, and they add their vibrancy to the peoplehood. Reply

Marcy Arbitman Evanston, Illinois May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day! I wish to send this to my sister-also a Jewish mother! Reply

Tanya Des Moines, IA May 10, 2009

Jewish Mothers I think this video is ridiculous. Only a Jewish mother can create a Jewish child? I'm so grateful to my Jewish mother for keeping me from being involved with the crap that goes on in the Jewish community about who's "Jewish enough". But my non-Jewish father and husband are just as involved in my Jewish identity and that of my Jewish children. Jewishness is based on your beliefs, the way you live, and your choices, not who your mother is. Open your minds and hearts, these "Jewishness standards" only hurt and alienate even those of us with Jewish mothers. Reply

Chava Docks Oak Park, MI May 10, 2009

Jewish mother Wow! What a great video! Thank you! Reply

tzipi glick philadelphia, PA May 10, 2009

How many jewish mothers Thank you jenny for a beautiful video. I was just thinking of you and this popped up. I love it. Reply