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A rare peek into the everyday life of a Lubavitch emmisary to Russia's Far East...

From New Jersey to Vladivostok

From New Jersey to Vladivostok

Aliza Silberstein


From New Jersey to Vladivostok: Aliza Silberstein

A rare peek into the everyday life of a Lubavitch emmisary to Russia's Far East...
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Anonymous USA June 13, 2013

Kol hakavod Aliza, you are so inspiring. You speak from the heart and you are so sincere!! May u and your husband have much success in your shlichus!!! Reply

Anonymous July 14, 2011

kol hakavod I have so much respect for you and i dont even know you personally..that is real inspiration and such positivity! i cannot wait to go on shlichus when im married iyH! I got goose bumps watching this video-you are awesome!!! Reply

Chaya March 25, 2010

Shlichus I am growing up on Shlichus (as a Chabad emissary) and I am forsure going to go on Shlichus when I get married i"yh!! Reply

M.H. Yershelayim/North Miami Beach, Israel/Floirda January 6, 2009

your parents Aliza, I had Shabbos dinner at your parent's home in Yerushelayim a few weeks ago. After seeing this video, I feel that, "Wow! I had the merit to sit with the parents of this amazing woman (you)! (And the food was yummy,too!...)"

But I've been to the international gathering of Shluchos three times, and I do know the holiness of the shluchos (the shluchim, too) and that feeling of being one family. Thanks for the reminder--and keep up the good work! Reply

Anonymous Melbourne, Australia January 3, 2009

Continued success! Wishing you and all our fellow shluchim (emissaries) and shluchos continued hatzlachah (success) and nachas (joy) always! Reply

Miriam Hecht chicago, IL January 2, 2009

Thank you Aliza for that beautiful, inspiring look into your faraway shlichus. We are so proud of you! Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn , NY January 2, 2009

touched Thanks so much please keep things like these coming Reply

Miri December 31, 2008

alizah, you're the best! Reply

Sarah Brooklyn, NY December 30, 2008

very inspiring! It's great to have a chance to hear from a shlucha I would probably otherwise never have the chance to meet. This was very inspiring! Reply

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