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Letter to My Organ Donor's Family

Letter to My Organ Donor's Family

Masha, before the transplant
Masha, before the transplant

Dear Family,

I am sure this letter may be difficult to read. It is difficult to write. It is both painful and joyous. The reason I am writing is to thank you.

"Thank you" is an expression which is used quite often and sometimes just in passing. This is a different kind of "Thank you." It is a "Thank you" that defies English, French or any language.

How do you say thank you that means that because of you and your daughter, I am alive to speak any words at all? I am alive at fifty-one years to continue living.

My promise to you is that I will never waste one moment of my lifeThe importance and immense meaning of the gift you and your daughter have given me, truly cannot be expressed in words.

I can try, though. I must try, because I think you should know that this life that was saved is a life of promise. My promise to you is that I will never waste one moment of it.

I have two grown children of my own. I am a mother, a musician, an artist and a spiritual person.

If you can imagine it, before the gift your daughter gave me, it was becoming very challenging to do anything in my life. Brushing my teeth required effort. Eating became difficult. Even with oxygen, I still had to be in a wheelchair if I wanted to go out.

How do I share with you that you gave me life back? That you gave me a better life? My children and my husband thank you. My friends thank you.

And I think you should know that not one day goes by that I do not think of the generous spirit of yours, and of the woman who enabled me to breathe again.

There is a television commercial that says, "When you can't breathe, nothing else matters." That is, indeed, true.

To add to that, as a singer and a songwriter, I thought my music was gone forever. As a mother, it became more difficult to see the pain in my children's faces.

I want you to know something else.

When I got the call they had found a donor for me, and that this person was a young woman, I thought of my own twenty-two year old daughter, who rode with me in the ambulance to the hospital for the surgery.

I cried during that whole ride to the hospital. Not because I was scared or happy. I cried because I knew that on that day, somewhere, a family lost a precious, beloved person in their life.

My heart was with you and is still with you.

She is with me, literally, with every breath I takeOn a more positive note, please know that this woman, who gave me the gift of life, is my hero. I literally owe my life to her and to you, who had the bravery and strength to allow this procedure to take place in the midst of your grief.

Masha, after the transplant
Masha, after the transplant

Please believe me when I tell you that, to me, your daughter is an angel. She is on my shoulders; she is like a butterfly in my garden. She is the music inspired by Beethoven; she is a painting from the heart of Da Vinci. She is the Book written by the hand of G‑d; she is a rainbow and a sunset. She is the most beautiful person I have never known, and I carry her within me. Every day.

Yes, please know that her spirit lives. I hold her in my heart. And she is with me, literally, with every breath I take.

May G‑d Bless You for giving me my life back. For giving me a new life with no more pain. A life where I don't have to fight for every breath I take.

I love you without knowing you and I am here as living proof that life goes on.

I promise to take good care of her. I promise to honor her with everything I do, especially for others who have suffered like me.

If you have any special requests at all, just let me know.

With all my heart, I wish you peace. I wish you love. And above all, faith in knowing that this beautiful woman has allowed me to live again.

Your daughter, in life and in spirit, is a miracle. I am her miracle.

Thank you.

With all the love from the deepest part of my heart,

Dedicated to the anonymous donor who in her death, gave Masha life on October 30, 2007.

Melody Masha Pierson is a 51-year-old Jewish woman in Montreal, and member of the Chabad Montreal Torah Centre. She is the happy and grateful recipient of a new pair of lungs following a double lung transplant. It was her writing and Torah learning that provided her with the strength and faith to stay positive and productive through her challenging time. Melody can be heard weekly on Montreal's Radio Shalom.
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Discussion (86)
January 29, 2015
Gift of life
What a wonderful letter. I hope you hear from the donors family. I lost my 29 y/o daughter 2014. I'm just finally finding the courage to write letters to the recipients. I wish I had you talent to write so eloquently. My daughter wanted to be a donor. She was always giving gifts and loved doing for others. I know she'd be happy to know as she left this life she was able to give the gift of life to others. She was a special Ed teacher and she loved children. One of the recipients was a 7 y/o boy. I know she's smiling down from heaven. God bless you for writing to your donors family.
Batavia, NY
January 11, 2014
Cathy Marlow
Cathy Marlow,
Contact the organ procurement agency which organized the transplants & let them know you would like to be in contact with the recipients. Perhaps you can eventually meet.

We also have groups looking for our families on Facebook which you could join.

I received 2 hearts in February 2000 at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland & am still looking for my donor families. God Bless them.
Judee Hill
January 10, 2014
my daughter passed in octomber from a heart attact, 43 my oldest i,m griving so much she had three sons one daughter , she was my best friend i can,r get over seeing her like that, i would like to get to speak to her people who got her orgons , a lady got her lungs , a man got her liver and another man got one kidney and aman in illioose got the other kidney, but i don,t know how to go how to get to speak to them .
cathy marlow
December 4, 2013
Donated Lungs
My daughter received Two new healthy lungs from a young lady who died in a car crash. She is celebrating 10 years this month! My daughter had CF. Thank you does not seem to be enough!
December 3, 2013
organ transplants
If any of you are involved with Facebook, we have support groups there for organ transplants. One group is called Organ Transplants Across the Globe. Another group is for trying to find matches of donor families & recipients. It is called WANT TO MEET MY DONOR FAMILY, please. Feel free to friend me & ask to join. I will happily add you.

I am a very grateful double heart transplant recipient & would love to meet my donor families. My transplants were at the Cleveland Clinic on February 7 & 8 of 2000. My angel donors will always be honored in my heart.
Judee Hill
November 29, 2013
Tissue donation; to Louis & Michelle
My son donated his organs; liver, lungs, & kidneys, as well as tissue; heart valves, following a deadly car crash in March 2009. We have corresponded anonymously with his organ recipients, but will not hear from or know anything about those who may have received his heart valves at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Canada. Perhaps it's different for tissue donations in the U.S.
Heather Talbot
Toronto, Canada
November 28, 2013
Liver and kidney donated to my son, Jan 11, 2013
I would love to meet the parents of this young women that donated her organs to my son. I did write a Thank you note, but it really isn't enough. It is coming up to one year. I hope the family is doing well and want to share with you in person or by email, how my son (now 14) is doing. We love you so much and Thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Sick Kids Toronto... Girl was in her early 30's. She was originally from England.
October 16, 2013
The Author ....
Hello my friends...I am glad to see people sharing their ideas and feelings on this subject. October 30th will mark 6 years (G-w) of great breathing, B'h...

To all who have received and to all who have sacrificed, I am sure, in my heart of hearts that Hashem wants us to Choose Life, always.

Don't be dismayed if you have not received a letter from the person who received an organ from someone you loved; Do not be dismayed if you are still in the waiting list... (If you need a laugh, read my article, "Matchmaker, Matchmaker"...

Everything in its own time. G-d has a plan. Trust in Him. Trust that you are where you are supposed to be right now. Have courage and know that, indeed, it's true..."Save one life. Save the world."

Let's get busy doing mitzvoth and bring Heaven down to Earth. You will see miracles. They happen every day just because you are here.

Much love,
Melody Masha Pierson
October 15, 2013
To those who do not know what to say to Donors Family. I humbly submit this,
In as much as we recipients feel overwhelming appreciation for our gift of Life and anything we write may seem minute to us. The Donor Family are Equally New at this. So after the first move is made (no matter of how insignificant it may seem to Us Recipients. It may speak volumes to those who feel the loss. and 5 minutes into your first conversation will probably confirm this. peace to you..
Gene Trout
Ford City
October 9, 2013
Reply to Judi in Australia
Judi in Australia, I think what you wrote in your reply to Beth in NC says thank you to your donor family very well indeed. From experience with my donor family, any letter is far better than no letter. It doesn't have to be perfect.
Illinois USA
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