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An anthology of Chabad-Lubavitch customs regarding pregnancy, childbirth, circumcision, Redemption of the Firstborn, and the birth of girls.

Customs of Pregnancy and Birth

Customs of Pregnancy and Birth



"Be fruitful and multiply" - the first mitzvah in the Written Torah! The first blessing given to new parents is that they may raise their child " the chupah"; and before the chupah the blessing given to bride and groom is that they may be fruitful and multiply. Procreation, and the mitzvos and ceremonies attending and following the birth - bris, giving a name, pidyon haben - are among the most joyous occasions in the life cycle of the Jew.

As with all aspects of Jewish life, pregnancy and childbirth are governed by laws and Halachos codified in the Shulchan Aruch and Poskim. These laws have traditionally been supplemented by customs that arose over the millennia of Jewish history. Some customs have become universal, some belong exclusively to certain continents or countries, and some are local to specific towns, villages, or communities.

This book is an anthology of the Chabad customs regarding childbirth, including pregnancy, childbirth, circumcision, Redemption of the Firstborn, and the birth of girls.

Preface to the Original Hebrew Edition Preface to the English Edition Chapter 1: Conduct During Pregnancy Chapter 2: Conduct During Childbirth Chapter 3: Customs of Bris Milah Chapter 4: Names Chapter 5: Pidyon Haben Chapter 6: Customs at the Birth of a Girl Chapter 7: Miscellaneous
Chapter 1
Concealing the Pregnancy untill the fifth month...Not to Mention the pregnancy in a Pan before the end of the fisrt Trimester... Kapporos for a Pregnant Woman... A Pregnant Woman as Kvatterin or Accompanying a bride... Immersion during the ninth month...Charity...Inspecting the Mezuzos.... Reciting Psalm 20 beore Hamapil....Extra Hiddur in Torah Study and Mitzvos
Chapter 2
Hanging a Shir HaMaalos at the Home of a New Mother and in the Hospital... Reciting Tehillim During Delivery... The Husband’s Presence in the Delivery Room...
Chapter 3
Wach Nacht... Postponing the Bris Even for a Remote Possibility of Danger... Kvatterin... An Expert Mohel... A Sandek for Two Brothers... The Sandek Wearing a Tallis... Should Two Chairs be Set Up at a Bris — One for Eliyahu and One for the Sandek?... It is Forbidden to Circumcise using a “Gomke”... Tearing the Mucous Membrane... Suction by Mouth... Suction using a Tube... Circumcision Under General Anesthesia... Delaying the Bris Until After Minchah so that Many More can Attend — Regarding the Rejoicing... Postponed Circumcision... One Need not Endeavor to Circumcise Twin Brothers at the Same Time when Only One is Healthy... Procedure at a Bris...
Chapter 4
In this chapter we present only customs involving the naming of newborn children.Not adopted children, converts, or sick people whose name is being changed
Giving the Name: Precedence of the Father or the Mother... Both Parents Should Agree... Naming a Grandchild After His Grandfather... Name Given by the Parents; A Name Given by Others... The Names Yehuda and Shmuel According to the Testament of Rabbi Yehudah HaChassid... Naming After a Living Person... Naming After One’s Rebbeim...
Chapter 5
Relevant Laws... Procedure at a Pidyon HaBen...
Chapter 6
The Proper Time for Naming a Girl... Saying “To Torah” Also at the Birth of a Girl...
Chapter 7
A Jewish Wet Nurse... Lighting an Additional Shabbos Candle... Making the Child’s Room into a Mikdash Me’at... A Letter in a Torah Scroll...
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Moshe Mahtaban Beverly Holls January 14, 2015

This site is most comprehensive.
A layman as well as a learned person can find material related to them.
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Lisa Providence, RI February 15, 2014

Customs of Pregnancy and Birth Thank You! Reply

Christine East Haven, CT December 15, 2005

Learning I just want to let you know how great your web site is. I am not Jewish but have been curious about your holidays and traditions. I found your site very informative and it answered alot of my questions. Reply

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