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A great checklist for ensuring that your entire home is clean and organized...

Cleaning and Organizing Checklist

Cleaning and Organizing Checklist



Daily Cleaning

  • Wipe down the sink after doing the dishes or loading the dishwasher
  • Wipe down the stove top
  • Wipe down the counters
  • Sweep, Swiffer, or vacuum the floor

Daily Organizing

  • Put everything back that is out of its location
  • Wash the dishes
  • Set the breakfast table/area
  • Take out what doesn't belong in the kitchen out of the kitchen, or at least corral odds-and-ends in a basket which is emptied at the end of the week

Weekly Cleaning

  • Mop the floor
  • Wipe the cabinets, backsplashes, and appliances
  • Wash the dish rack
  • Wipe the inside of the garbage can

Weekly Organizing

  • Create a meal plan
  • Grocery shop
  • Throw away excess plastic bags
  • Fill up the trash can with a stack of garbage bags at the bottom
  • Refill napkins, placemats, and kitchen towels
  • Empty the odds and ends basket
  • Go through coupons and paperclip them to your calendar by expiration date

Biweekly Cleaning

  • Wipe the switch plates and phone
  • Wipe down the baseboards with a microfiber dust cloth or wet wipe
  • Empty and scrub down the inside of the refrigerator

Biweekly Organizing

  • De-clutter your cleaning supplies
  • Reorganize your pots and pans with a pot lid sliding drawer or just by putting paper towels between each pot to protect them from damage
  • Clean and organize your pet food areas
  • Organize your junk drawer by taking everything out and organizing odds and ends in small dishes, flower pots, or plastic bags

Monthly Cleaning

  • Clean your freezer
  • Run these through the dishwasher: burner grids and knobs, brushes and combs, toothbrushes, plastic utensil organizer, refrigerator drawers, drain catch, sponges, dish rack, plastic toys, glassware

Monthly Organizing

  • Rotate the food in your freezer, use it up, and check to see what you need in terms of bulk food
  • Go through your plastic containers and weed out ones you don't use. Take them all out of the cabinets and put them somewhere that makes sense- perhaps in a covered wicker basket or on a lazy susan

Seasonal Cleaning

  • Empty and clean the insides of the utensil drawers
  • Scrub down the cupboard exteriors
  • Clean the stove-hood filter
  • Wipe down your pantry

Seasonal Organizing

  • Organize your tools that are kept in the kitchen
  • Reorganize your dishes, tablecloths, mugs, bowls, glassware, plates in your kitchen cabinets and shelves by sorting them and saying goodbye to what you don't use, what's missing, and what's unnecessary
  • Go through your spices, making sure they still are fresh
  • Go bulk shopping and organize your bulk storage
  • Organize your recipes by laminating or storing in binders, purge recipes/cookbooks

Living Rooms

Daily Cleaning

  • Vacuum with an electric broom
  • Fluff the cushions and fold throws after use
  • Wipe tabletops and spot-clean cabinets when you see fingerprints
  • Straighten coffee-table books and magazines, throw out newspapers, put away CDs and videos

Daily Organizing

  • Pick up stray items off of the floor and put them in their proper place, or in a wicker basket that gets emptied weekly.
  • Put remotes back in the basket
  • Straighten up your pile of books and magazines
  • Fold your blankets and throws
  • Write down messages and go through the family's schedule with the family
  • Open up mail and discard junk, put either in action files for papers requiring action or "to-file"

Weekly Cleaning

  • Dust all surfaces — including electronics, books, blinds, picture frames, windowsills and ledges, and tops of door frames — and remove all cobwebs
  • Dust-mop the floors with a microfiber cloth or a Swiffer, or vacuum the rugs and carpeting
  • Throw out old magazines
  • Wipe and disinfect the telephone
  • Shake out or vacuum the doormat

Weekly Organizing

  • Sort through the toys to put in their correct locations

Biweekly Cleaning

  • Vacuum the heating and air-conditioning vents
  • Wipe the switch plates, doorknobs, and doorjambs
  • Vacuum the upholstery
  • Wipe down the baseboards with a microfiber dust cloth or wet wipe
  • Lift big pieces of furniture and vacuum or mop underneath

Biweekly Organizing

  • Throw away old magazines when the new ones come in
  • Cut out pictures you want to save from a magazine and store in a binder

Seasonal Cleaning

  • Wash the insides of the windows
  • Take down curtains and drapes and dry clean them
  • Take down vertical blinds and wash them in the bathtub

Seasonal Organizing

  • Rearrange your books
  • File and organize your hard copies of pictures or your digital pictures
  • Go through CDs and videos you no longer use


Daily Cleaning

  • Wipe out the sink
  • Swoosh the toilet bowl with a brush
  • Wipe the mirror and faucet
  • Squeegee the shower door
  • Spray the entire shower and the curtain liner with shower mist after every use
  • Wipe around the tub
  • Sweep the floor (keep a broom in the bathroom)

Daily Organizing

  • Put items back where they belong - toothpaste, brushes, makeup
  • Take items out of bathroom that don't belong in there

Weekly Cleaning

  • Scrub the tub
  • Scrub the tiles
  • Mop the Floor
  • Empty the trashcan and wash out bin
  • Wipe down light-switches and doorknobs
  • Change towels

Weekly Organizing

  • Organize your bathroom cabinets, folding towels, putting away toiletries

Seasonal Cleaning

  • Take down the shower curtain, then launder it according to the care instructions

Seasonal Organizing

  • Go through your medicine chest and weed out medicines


Daily Cleaning

  • Pick up all dirty clothes and put into hampers

Daily Organizing

  • Hang up clothes-decide what needs to be washed or hung
  • Make beds
  • Straighten up nightstands and tabletops
  • Put away jewelry

Weekly Cleaning

  • Change the sheets
  • Dust all surfaces — including electronics, books, picture frames, windowsills and ledges, and tops of door frames
  • Dust or mop the floors or vacuum the carpeting, under the bed
  • Throw out old magazines
  • Wipe and disinfect the telephone
  • Empty the wastebasket

Weekly Organizing

  • Hang up all laundry
  • Go through closet and purge what you no longer wear

Biweekly Cleaning

  • Wipe the switch plates, doorknobs, and doorjambs
  • Wipe down the baseboards with a microfiber dust cloth or wet wipe

Biweekly Organizing

  • Keep a "to donate" pile and fill it up every time you notice something from your drawers or closets that needs to be donated

Seasonal Cleaning

  • Vacuum the heating and air-conditioning vents and the inside of the closet
  • Wash the insides of the windows
  • Strip the bed and flip the mattress
  • Launder the mattress pad and dust ruffle

Seasonal Organizing

  • Go through out of season clothing and store in bins or under bed
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Cynthia Walker New York January 26, 2016

Thanks for the helpful checklist. Thanks for the helpful checklist. This for sure will help me finish my cleaning for the whole week. Thanks Reply

KarenJoyceChayaFradleKleinmanBell Riverside, CA USA November 3, 2014

Please Recycle, Don't throw out... Particularly anything that can be used by someone else. Ex: Seniors who use incontinence underwear need the extra disposable plastic bags to put the used ones into before disposing of them. Public schools could use extra writing equipment, books, papers, crayons, markers. Veteran's and Homeless shelters can use extra clothing and blankets, etc. This article says "throw it out" an awful lot. Reply

Sam Leon November 2, 2014

A tip for cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms and basements: Put anything that can be of use (pens, bookmarks, hair accessories, books, movies, etc) on a surface such as a toilet, bed or chair, leaving only trash. Throw the trash away, and vacuum if need be. Put away the rest of the odds and ends where they belong, and voila! Easy cleaning. You may want to do some little things such as dusting, sweeping, swiffering or windexing, but that depends on the amount of work you need done. Reply

Gillian Wardle Australia April 28, 2014

Housework O my goodness!!! When does this woman eat, shower, wash her hair, go to the hairdresser, window shop enjoy a chat with friends, take time to stop cleaning and just be thee for someone! I am a 73 year old woman who with husband, took up a 60 acre farm to retire on!!! Add to the list, Shovel the manure out of the fowl house, attend to a sick sheep, pack 3 sheep into the freezer, move the cattle to another paddock, feed husband, feed curious visitors, feed visiting daughter and grandchildren, help 95 year old mother into the bathtub when visiting;put more wood on the fire, chase kangaroos out of the garden, chase bull out of the garden!! Variety is life! Guess what the 9 roomed farmhouse looks like!
If I change the sheets every month, or every week like I use to , who cares, or who knows! If my cupboards are not in order, does it really do any one any harm. Priorities change when you are older, especially if you have fought and won the battle against cancer. Loosen up dears. Reply

Carlen Clifford, Michigan January 2, 2012

Thanks!!! I am trying to keep my house cleaner and to clean everyday as my 2012 resolution. SO thanks (: I really apricate this I am definetly going to reccomend this to a friend (: Reply

Aracelly Tomball November 14, 2011

Checklist I loved this checklist it helped me become organized! Reply

Karen Joyce Chaya Fradle Kleinman Bell Riverside, CA, USA May 19, 2011

I've started using my BED for sorting.. I sort my cleaned clothes and hang them up from the bed. Same with towels, blankets, etc. Now, I'm using the bed to dump all my PLASTIC containers I've accumulated, and will see which ones have lids, and give away the rest. I need help figuring out where to put the LARGE plastic bowls, like for get-togethers or pot lucks. There is no room for them. I live in a small, one bedroom apt. Any ideas? Reply

Anonymous Manhattan, KS via May 14, 2011

Bathrooms One thing that I learned while raising a daughter is that bath time is PERFECT for cleaning the bathroom! I am able to keep her supervised (she's only 3) while interacting with her and cleaning the sinks, mirrors etc! Also because she is in the tub, I don't have to worry about her grabbing any of the cleaning supplies. Reply

Karen Joyce Chaya Fradle Kleinman Bell Riverside, CA, USA September 26, 2010

To the person who asked about DUST, I looked it up. Keep the house cold by opening windows. Dress warmly. Replace closth upholstered furniture. Use damp cloths while dusting. Get a special vacuum cleaner, or better yet, get rid of rugs. Get some dust proof bedding covers. Use a dehumidifier as dust mites like humidity. If you can't get rid of carpets, get a professional to use a liquid nitrogen cleaner. Use filter masks when cleaning the house. Best yet, just move away if the house is too dusty and can't be fixed. Dust and dust mites can cause many respiratory problems. Perhaps, if you own the house, you can get estimates on putting in new walls, roofs, ceilings and basements. There is also something called a central vacuum cleaning system, but I don't know much about that. It has been suggested that air purifiers may be not worth the money, but you can look into them and decide. Also, Google "dust mites" to learn more about the bugs which live in dust. Hope this helps. Reply

Mrs. Lana Claycamp September 22, 2010

Learning over the years I raised 6 children and now have 12 grandchildren...From the time they were babies I knew keeping everything clean was most important to the health and safety of us all. I was a stay at home mom and found a wonderful daily routine, as yours is. I had a deep sense of obligation to be and stay clean. I thank G-d for giving me that sense of need to care for the home. Shalom! Reply

Karen Joyce Chaya Fradle Kleinman Bell Riverside, CA, USA August 17, 2010

Rivka, I was able to do just the Kitchen one. And that, not very well. However, my mom never taught me HOW to do these things, so I appreciate your organizing list. In fact, you can come over ANY TIME and help me! Just kidding, but I would appreciate help. I'm a senior and have osteoarthritis, and it's really, really, really hard. Reply

Anonymous Raleigh, NC August 14, 2010

An Organized House is a Home of Peace Thank you so much for this article. I have been striving for more time with G-d and the house had become overwhelming. I work full time and go to school. This checklist will really streamline all other areas and make prayer and fellowship so much easier. Reply

Hartley Dandridge, TN November 25, 2009

Dust I live in a 165 year old millhouse. That said I have more dust than I can handle each day. Is there any help? We are not heavy collectors, but the dust is everywhere! Reply

Karen Joyce Chaya Fradle Kleinman Bell Riverside,, CA May 7, 2009

I'm a TOTALLY messy person, so thank you. When I look around my place, I'm overwhelmed. By reading your checklist, I see that I hoard stuff and don't get rid of it or give it away. If I follow your list, I'll do much better and be happier. It's difficult when you're old and alone. If no one comes to your house or apartment, why clean up? I think I'll feel better and be happier by doing these things. Reply

Nikole via July 5, 2008

the cleaning and organizing checklist Thank you for making this available on the internet. I teach a group of women every Sunday and our lesson is on "cleaning out the junk". I will use this with them. Reply

Anonymous Liberty, sc February 23, 2008

folding of the napkin did I read it correctly, a folded napkin indicates the person will return to their meal? Reply

Anonymous University Place, WA, USA via February 18, 2008

Cleaning Checklist...Sponges Having a husband living with cancer, we learned from the hospital nurses that putting the kitchen sponges in the microwave for 30 seconds sterlizes I do that daily and always put them in with the dishwashing machine before running it too. Reply

Sarah Rivka February 12, 2008

I agree with Melissa from Baltimore. You should never throw away something that might still be useful. Doing so is actually a sin in the Torah: Bal Tashchit, don't destroy. It originally refered to cutting down fruit trees, but it was expanded to include much more. (On the other hand, it's also not good to make yourself crazy by living with clutter or by keeping things that most likely aren't useful on the offchance some use will be found for them.) Reply

Melissa Baltimore, MD February 12, 2008

never throw away plastic bags You absolutely should never ever throw away a plastic bag. It is so bad for the environment. Please recycle them or reuse them. On the target platic bags there are several ways to reuse them. Also, don't get them in the first place. Use paper or use a canvas reusable grocery bag. G-d wants us to care for the environment that He has given us. Reply

Anonymous February 4, 2008

Napkin folding Can you please help me with the napkin folding? I read that if it is folded the person is not done eating,if it is tossed on to the table the person is done.? Please advise. Reply

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