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Welcome to "Jewish Women You Should Know"

Welcome to "Jewish Women You Should Know"


The was created for the undefinable Jewish woman. Why undefinable? Because Jewish women cannot be defined. We are unique and individual beings who ultimately encompass everything.

Jewish Women You Should Know is a new addition to the site to introduce you to amazing women of a wide range of backgrounds, ages and occupations, but who all, in their own ways, have accomplished incredible things in their lives.

This section will feature, once a month, a special Jewish woman who has changed the lives of those who are fortunate enough to know her, and now, will be someone we will all be able to get to know. These women are doctors, CEO's, activists, midwives, stay at home mothers, teachers, lawyers and volunteers. Some are great-grandmothers and some are just becoming women. All of them are remarkable.

We all know incredible Jewish women. Even more so, every Jewish woman is incredible. Each and every one of us. We just need to tap into our potential and reveal it to ourselves and the rest of the world.

Please share with us the special women in your life that we should get to know. As we read about each woman we should be inspired to do more, give more and live more.

Click here to nominate someone for Jewish Women You Should Know.

Looking forward to sharing with you and learning from you!

Sara Esther Crispe, Editor

Karla Waller is a self-trained artist who lives between Boston, Paris and Singapore. After six years of working as a successful businesswoman in the corporate world, she recently put her career on hold to pursue art and travel. Karla expresses her love for Judaism in bright joyous colors and rich, textured compositions. Her medium of choice is acrylic on canvas.
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Karen Barre, MA February 4, 2015

Jewish Women I would just like to note that I agree with Anonymous, who said that all the Orthodox women look beautiful in spite of their modesty. I see modest Jewish women in person, at the synagogue, in photographs, and in certain You Tube videos, etc. They are modestly dressed, yes - but "classy". Their sheitls (spelling?) are beautifully shaped and glossy (oh, what a joy for those of us with bad hair days!), and their makeup and accessories are just right. They compliment, they don't "push" or detract from the modest intention. I think these women are a great asset - Thank you! Reply

Anonymous July 11, 2013

Jewish women I may sound incredibly vain, but I cannot help but notice how the Orthodox Jewish women/lecturers I see on Chabad's classes online manage to dress modestly yet look so beautiful , modern and glamorous. Fashion tips for women who dress modestly would be much appreciated ! Reply

Zainab Moshiach area, Kuwait January 17, 2010

i am a wonderful woman Shalom
G-d bless all faithes specially Jewish people Reply

Alizah (Tracy Kay Morera Middlebury, VT/USA August 4, 2007

Jewish women you should know... This is AMAZING! Now that I think of it I know 4
Jewish women we all know. They are UNIQUE,

Thank you!
I look forward to see what will come.
I love it! Reply