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Do I Have a Soulmate?

Do I Have a Soulmate?


Dear Rachel,

Is there any guarantee that each person will meet his or her soulmate and will find someone who truly loves them? Time and again I have had my heart broken and my hopes dashed. I'm considered attractive, I'm kind, generous, sensitive, smart, intelligent, warm, and fun to be with. So is there really someone out there for everyone?

Seattle, WA

Dear B.D.,

It is said that before each of us was created, we were one big soul. Forty days before our conception, G‑d took our "big soul" in His hands and he split it into two pieces. The work of finding our soul mate is finding our missing half.

So how do we find our other half? We have to first begin by perfecting our half. In other words, we have to really know ourselves and be the best "half" we can possibly be. Your soul mate is out there, that's not the question. The question is: are you where you need to be to find him? Are you recognizable to him? Don't forget, he's looking for you too.

As for the "guarantee," you want one of the most powerful things about being in a relationship is that there are no guarantees. Faith and trust are such huge components in a marriage for this very reason. That's why our Sages compare the love between a man and wife to a fire. It is not static or calm, nor is it certain. It's not supposed to be. That is the beauty of a committed relationship…allowing someone into the most vulnerable and hidden places of our hearts trusting our emotions will be well received.

It is said that there are three partners in a marriage: the husband, the wife and G‑d. Until we meet our soulmate, it's just two partners… us and G‑d. This applies to that relationship as well. Because G‑d does not typically grant us a bird's eye view of His plans, we need to constantly bolster our relationship with faith and trust. We need to trust in our depths that He is guiding our steps towards our ultimate purpose, towards the "completion" of our soul.

Another strong component in marriage is communication. Communication is the essential ingredient to every healthy relationship. Since you are preparing to meet your life partner, it's important to practice communicating with your other partner, G‑d. Talk it out with Him. Some people call it prayer, but it could just as well be called communication.

Your "someone" is out there, looking for you. Be the best half-soul you can possibly be and G‑d willing, your steps will be guided towards each other sooner than you know it.


“Dear Rachel” is a biweekly column that is answered by a rotating group of experts. This question was answered by Sarah Zadok.

Sarah Zadok is a childbirth educator, doula and freelance writer. She lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel, with her husband and four children.

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Discussion (62)
August 18, 2015
Personal Satisfaction and Joy?
When you say spiritual growth, how does it manifest? Are you a joy filled person? Are you grateful for your health? Do you exude happiness and contentment? Are you aware of the bounty that HaShem has given you? If so, that is a very powerful and magnetizing force and people will seek you out to be with that energy.
Good luck!
Best wishes,
San Diego
August 17, 2015
I enjoyed reading this post. I have been looking for my soulmate for several years now and still haven't found him yet. I have read many things where people said I need to know my own soul or love myself first, and I feel like I did that already. I spent a lot of time working on perfecting my soul, but still no soulmate yet. I don't know what more I can do for my own spiritual growth. Do you have any advice on how I can perfect my soul or get it in the right state so that I will attract my soulmate? Thank you.
November 26, 2014
Good advice from T Portland July 5, 2014
Also, ask married friends if they know anybody for you, or speak to your rabbi.

And most important of all, enjoy your life. Make it meaningful with mitzvos and chesed, and pursuing your career. and whatever's important to you. Everyone has his/her own mission in life and can make many contributions to society, her neighbors and friends, and family which is all part of making this world a better place to live.
November 24, 2014
Eliana! I loved your comment... you really put me in my place! Thank you. :)
September 1, 2014
True soul mates
Eva, you are a very wise woman! Many of us have had our heads filled with the romantic notions of the akumim. There is nothing wrong with romance; there is nothing wrong with looking for a spouse. But there is something wrong with putting so much mental, physical, and spiritual energy into that pursuit that it starts to resemble avodah zarah! We must keep in mind the true focus of our avodah. Of course, we deserve to be happy. But wasting time and effort pursuing the elusive and making each other think that's all we should "hope" for is not happiness. It's an obsession. We need to "hope" (daven) for true happiness--which is as likely to come from a friend/confidant, a family member, or the opportunity to do good deeds.
Brooklyn, NY
September 1, 2014
Enjoy and live in the present...
Yes, Eliana,that's precisely what I mean! Life is fulfilling and fabulous in THIS moment, and should not be lived with breath held for some magical moment of meeting Mr. Right.
Take advantage of all of the love and beauty surrounding you today.
Solana Beach
August 31, 2014
Hope varies
Why waste time and energy hoping for something that won't happen? I changed by "hope" to finding good friends, and I've found them. What's so bad about that?
August 31, 2014
A soulmate need not be a lover or a husband/wife. It may be a friend who shares your sensibilities and passions. Good friendships are invaluable, and perhaps they make you feel complete. Learn to value and love yourself. I believe there are several soulmates for each of us, and they appear in many forms, though I myself enjoy being a single woman, not in any romantic relationships I feel I have a few soulmates in my family and friends.
Solana Beach
August 30, 2014
is finding your soulmate supposed to make you happy?
July 5, 2014
Go places where the kind of person you want to meet will be found
Go to, and be seen in places where the kind of people you want to meet will be. Is that a trendy city bar? Probably not, not if you are surfing this website. Don't waste your valuable time in low-probability experiments. Take a class at a local college in something you want to learn anyway. Eat in a kosher restaurant. Visit places where the values you want to raise you kids with will be found in people you meet there.