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A Woman of Valor

A Woman of Valor


Dedicated to all the women who showed me what true strength is.

A woman of valor makes the world change
Her strength is the content that guides through the days
Defined by her actions that bring light to all dreams
Valor is something that's defined by her deeds.

Her valor is golden, sparkled and gray
She stands up to the challenge no matter the way
It can't be held back or defined by her age
Yes, a woman of valor makes the world change.

For valor's not held by the young or the old
But by the deeds of the heart that give and unfold
It's merit and honor that hold no disguise
Like the creation of being in the blessed Holy One's eyes.

For valor is the color of the song of her soul
As she changes, creates and turns light into gold
Divine is Her Presence, be it joyous or sad
— A Woman of Valor —
May offer little, but it will be all that she has.

For only her heart will know the depths of her soul
That nurtures and blossom and forever unfolds
And holds in its essence new life and new gain
A woman of valor makes the world change
A woman of valor makes the world change
A woman of valor makes the world change.

"Be as courageous as Esther, whose faith and bravery where as pleasing to G‑d as that of Moses or King David."

Eric S. Kingston is a writer.
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Anonymous November 22, 2017

Awesomely Awesome!!! Reply

Naomicreateslife Lagos, Nigeria July 11, 2014

Awesome Reply

Anonymous toronto February 19, 2014

kavod A woman of valor is blessed with glory in her home. Reply

Eric S. Kingston CA February 26, 2013

Thank You Swati Yashtika. Eric S. Kingston Reply

Swati yashtika Thane, India July 18, 2012

Good poem.i am saying it in my competition which is held on 27-7-12. Reply

Tovli May 31, 2007

a very nice tribute--i will think of it this friday night! thank you for posting it. Reply