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Homemade Purim Costume Ideas

Homemade Purim Costume Ideas


When you consider the cost and lack of originality of store-bought costumes, homemade costumes are a more fun, and oftentimes more cost-effective, option. Plus, if you involve your children in creating the homemade costumes, the results will be worth more than any store-bought costume anywhere.

Here are some inexpensive, homemade Purim costume ideas that will cost little money and show lots of imagination.

Queen Esther
There is nothing as exciting as spending a day as the beautiful Queen Esther. A white, pink or colored dress with a petticoat, a crown and some jewelry from the dollar store are sure to complete the essential Queen Esther look!

Soda Can
Find an inexpensive plastic barrel and cut a hole in the bottom. Paint the entire barrel the colors and design of your favorite brand of soda in a can. With holes for arms and your head, a simple barrel can transform your child into a soda can.

You can quickly create a great clown with sweat clothes that are a bit too large, decorated with fabric paint or markers. Sew on some pompoms, use an inexpensive wig with a large and colorful hat, and you could even stuff the clothing with tissue.

You can become a hippie from the 1960s with a tie-dyed shirt and faded jeans with holes in the knees. Combine this with a headband, a ponytail wig, and a jacket or vest covered in fringe, and you will have the most authentic-looking hippie costume of all time.

Doctor or Dentist
Put a large white shirt on your child as a doctor’s white coat. Have him wear a pager on the shirt pocket, and hang a toy stethoscope (from a toy doctor’s kit) around his neck. Put the rest of the doctor tools in a black bag.

Dress your child in a green shirt and pants. For smaller children, especially those in colder climates, a one-piece pajama-type outfit with feet works well. For the flower part, start with a brown hat or cap. Cut flower petal shapes out of yellow felt and glue them all around the hat. If you’d like, you can cut two large leaf shapes out of green felt and glue them at the back of each of the shirtsleeves. A little plastic watering can makes a cute pail to carry candy in.

Purim Costumes You Can Make out of a Cardboard Box

Start by cutting a hole in the box for your child’s head. Or, if the box is smaller, then you’ll attach straps to the edges of the box when the costume is completed (like suspenders) and fit them over your child’s shoulders. Also, cut armholes if you aren’t doing the suspender method. Then you’re ready to get started. All of these outfits fit perfectly over leggings and a long-sleeved shirt (or jacket).

Tzedakah (Charity) Box
Cut holes in the box for the child’s arms and head. Wrap the entire box in silver wrapping paper. Write “Tzedakah” on the front in English or Hebrew with a Sharpie marker. Make “coins” out of gold paper and glue them on the front for extra emphasis.

Box of Cereal
Does your child have a favorite cereal? Fruit Loops, Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs? Any box of cereal can be painted onto a cardboard box and turned into a costume.

Computer Monitor
Spray-paint the box gray. After it dries, paint a white screen on the front of the monitor. Of course, you can have fun decorating the screen with your favorite website, or print a screen from your favorite website and glue it onto the box for a more realistic look.

Spray-paint the box gray or silver. Then, after the paint dries, find a mish-mash of nuts and bolts and glue them to the box. You may also create attachments from aluminum foil, dryer vents, duct tape, or whatever you have lying around the house.

A Wrapped Gift
Wrap the entire box in gift wrap (whatever kind you like the best) and stick a bow on your child’s head.

Invite your child to help with making his or her costume. Spending time creating these costumes together may end up being just as much fun as the Purim party. Be sure to take lots of pictures!

Sarah Zeldman is the co-author of the new ebook "Purim Made Easy: Everything You Need For A Fun Holiday." The ebook contains instructions for over 70 simple, no-sew Purim costumes, shaloch manos tips and more!
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Veronica March 24, 2016

Tzedakah Box costume. The Tzedakah box costume was a hit in my synagogue. Thank you for the idea. Reply

Samantha Leon January 22, 2016

A good idea is to dress yourself and your kids as movie characters. I'm planning to go this year as Raj Malhotra from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. To pull this one off, what you'll need to look for is a dark brown fedora-style hat with a white feather attached, white undershirt, rust-colored button down, dark brown leather bomber jacket, faded bluejeans and a pair of dark brown workboots. A good one for girls and women is Helga from the movie Titanic. For this one you'll need a white long-sleeved button down, a rust-colored tie, a black business jacket, a lacy white shawl, and a black or red skirt. Reply

Ashie Tesser Lakewood,NJ February 22, 2013

purim costumes This idea I did last year. I was Shlomo Carlbach. All you need is a vest regular shirt and pants maybe a guitar and a small white beard. And for mshalach manos easy a donut and cherios or other "holy" things. Reply

Anonymous USA February 27, 2012

Tzeddakah box For the tzedakkah box costume, we did it once and on the shoulders of the box we put on one side a real tzedakkah box and on the other side a little bowl with pennies. every person who met us had to put a penny in the pushka! it was very cute!
and concerning it being comfortable or not.. maybe for little kids it's not practical but older kids who want to run around simply take it off.. i remember it working very nicely. Reply

Jocelyn Ruth Krieger Boca Raton, Fl. February 27, 2012

PURIM IDENTITY CRISIS I was in my forties when I went to deliver sh'lach manos at a home for the aged. I wore a snow white sheitel, a shawl draped over my stooped body, leaning on my wood cane, my face covered with lines of future wrinkles. I stopped at the front desk and immediately felt two nurses, each firmly gripping an elbow. "It's alright, sweetheart. We'll take you back to your room!" Their shocked expression when I stood erect and announced I was from Chabad to deliver Purim goodies is an unforgettable memory. Reply

judy Freedman Hashmonaim, Israel March 9, 2011

costumes as a veteran mother, I strongly advise never to dress up a child in a costume in which he/she cannot run around with and, more importantly, comfortably visit the bathroom. An excited child does not have time to take off much stuff when needing to 'go'. So boxes are attractive, but NOT practical!
Chag sameach.
BTW my child won a prize as a deepsea-diver, using foil wrapped soda bottles, all dressed in black, swimming hat, cardboard flippers. No cost at all but original Reply

Experienced Mother Beer Sheva, Israel March 8, 2011

important tips 1. Any costume should be comfortable for the child, who will be spending at least a few hours wearing it. Cardboard boxes are NOT.
2. Face maskes are usually uncomfortable for little kids, as well as reducing the field of vision which can be dangerous.
3. Remember little kids sometimes need to go to the bathroom on their own. Don't use any costume unless the child can easily take it off, as well as for safety reasons.
4. Non woven fabrics are great for making costumes! They are inexpesive, you can easily staple or glue them into shape, and you can decorate them with permanent markers or fabric paint. Reply

Traute Winnipeg via March 7, 2011

Purim costume I made myself a great seventies flower child costume for a recent party at Art City and am looking forward to wearing it again. I even still have the name tag to go with the costume. Reply

Anonymous MANCHESTER March 6, 2011

RE: Purim costume character beginning with an E esther? Reply

Nina beit shemesh February 22, 2011

Purim ideas I'm dressing up as an Indian this year, in a sari (with a shirt underneath, duh.)
My brother though, is dressing up as a jewish pirate. He's going to wear tzitzit over a red or whit shirt, wear boots, blue pants, a bandana and a pirate hat, a sword (of course) and Gelt. :) Admit it, a stroke of genius. :D
I always make my family's purim costumes, because I'm artistic and i know how to sew. It's very fun. we almost never buy them. except for the swords and stuff. Reply

Anonymous beit shemesh February 22, 2011

Reply: Purim costume character beginning with an E Elmo, Ezra hasofer, Egg, Reply

Anonymous Sydney, Australia February 23, 2010

Purim costume character beginning with an E My son has been asked to dress up as a purim character whose name begins with an "E". Can anyone help? Reply

Meems Ellenberg Easton, CT February 22, 2010

Purim themes We always did themes when my son was little. When he was an infant, I found a brown onesie and sewed a tail on it, made him a little hat out of an oatmeal box covered in red felt, and I used one of those Groucho Marx nose/glasses/mustache things. I was the Italian organ grinder, and he was my little monkey. Later on, we both did Indian dress, with him in a white kurta and me in salwar kameez and a red bindi dot, and another year, Chinese clothes. We were also a great success as Zorro and a Mexican senora.

And last year, at 14, he was Charles Chaplin and I was Paulette Goddard. (Nobody knew who I was....) Reply

goldy p February 15, 2010

original costume for infants my son was a month old when purim arrived so all I did was wrap him up in a large red kerchief and placed him in an oversized basket that was lineed with a pillow and viola ! I had the infant moshe rabbienu in the basket about to be placed in the nile !! his older sister was batya dressed in an altered white pillow case and bead ornaments restng on her brow arms and leg. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY March 9, 2008

Great advice for making Purim enjoyable. Great Costumes ideas for the busy mom. Thanks for the suggestions. Happy Purim and a safe healthy one as well. Any suggestions how to deal with Purim on top of dealing with Erev Shabbat preperations? Reply

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