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How Do I Stop Being a Slob?

How Do I Stop Being a Slob?


Dear Rachel,

My name is Bob, and I’m a blob. I’m this big mass of unhealthy fat. My entire diet consists of processed and junk food, my only exercise is walking to the bus (it stops in front of my house), I sleep either too much or too little, I spend all day on the computer (both at work and at home), and I feel terrible. The point is, I just can’t seem to change. I want to, but can’t. I feel worthless and hopeless. Can you do something for me?

Bob the Blob

Dear Bob,

Bob is such a perky name! Why not alliterate it with another adjective, like Bouncy Bob or Bountiful Bob or Brainy Bob? That’s your main problem, you see—how you define yourself. If you see yourself as a blob, then that’s the vision your brain is going to live up to; it directs your body to synch with that identity consciousness.

So first of all, you need to redefine yourself in your own mind because how you see yourself determines how you really are and how others see you.

Now, I can’t do anything for you. But there are a lot of things that you can do for you. You are immersed in a miasma of bad choices. You are capable of completely turning your life around simply by making different choices. And I’m not talking about anything major, not at all.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Walk to the next bus stop and take the bus from there.
  • Get up every hour from your computer and walk around your desk.
  • Have one sugar less in your coffee.
  • Add one fruit and one vegetable a day to your diet.
  • Get a pedometer. It counts your daily steps. Add another 10 steps until you reach 12,000 steps a day.
  • Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Drink (at least) two glasses of water each day.

Change isn’t meteoric or cataclysmic. It occurs slowly, over time, in small increments. And you can make that change happen—slowly, over time, in small increments.

The Torah speaks in several places about the importance of safeguarding your health because your body is housing your soul (Devarim 4:9, 4:15). There is a compendium of laws that require us to guard our physical and emotional health.

Look in the mirror every day and say something nice about yourself. It doesn’t matter what, but it has to be positive self-appreciation. Before you go to bed at night, go over in your mind every positive and constructive thing you did, said, ate and thought, no matter how small it seems.

By redefining yourself positively and taking small yet measurable steps to improvement, you will see positive change and become motivated to do even more. In that way, you can transform yourself into the Best Bob you can be!

By the way, if you look up “can’t” in the dictionary, it says, “See ‘can.’”

Wishing you success on your journey, one slow but sure step at a time!


Rosally Saltsman is a freelance writer originally from Montreal living in Israel. Click here to email Rosally.
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Nathalie Eched Aartselaar, Belgium January 15, 2018

Hello, this is Nathalie again. I would like to thank Rachel, Pablo and NK for their comment. We all are trying to be helpful. However I put my comment with the idea that Bob had already cosnulted physician or psychological caregivers, and he wanted a spiritual view on the problem. Of course, a Rabbi is the person of excellence to give this advise. I work a lot with people that have the same kind of issues, and I dare say that no case is ever hopeless, given the right care is offered, and the person is conscient of his need to change. No one else can do that but one self. (excuse me my poor English), just like Rachel said. Bob will succeed B"H. Reply

Pablo USA January 11, 2018

Bob was very honest about his problem if you would have another problem about depression or smoking problem or drug problem so alcohol problems I think he would be honest to say it because what he wants is to solve his health looking for a real real solving his problem and I think Rachel advice was very very accurate and very very helpful hopeful but that's my opinion Reply

NK East Windsor January 12, 2018
in response to Pablo:

Bob says he feels "worthless and hopeless". These are classic words people use when describing their depression. And also, some people are not aware that what they suffering is clinical depression; therefore may not state it in a letter. Reply

NK East Windsor January 9, 2018

May be underlying depression It's hard to diagnose from a letter what is causing Bob to feel this way. He may be suffering from depression.If someone is suffering this, it does not help to give cheery self-help advice.
There may be additional factors in his life that are impacting it. His first action should be to make a doctor's appointment to see if there are any underlying physical or mental problems. Also, to get the doctor's opinion about his situation. If he has any close, trusted friends, family members, Rabbi, speak to them, also. Reply

Nathalie Aartselaar, Belgium January 9, 2018

My name is Nathalie, and I am a belgian psychiatric nurse. In psychiatric wards most patients need and want to change their lifestyle, to become healthy or just become happy. According to the individual personality, people can achieve change in a gradual way or in a radical way. Eg quit smoking, some lessen their cigarette intake, others stop smoking at once.
Bob's problem can be tackled slowly, or 'cold turkey': stop immediately the inake of sugar and everything that contains Sugar, fructose, glucose, starch, wheat etc... to prevent insuline peaks. Eat only fresh non processed vegetables, fresh boiled eggs (2 a day, fresh boiled or steamed fish. Yes you will suffer craving, but when you feel bad, go out for a walk (not to the nearest syupermarket or restaurant :)),then, take a long shower and take some time to study torah or tanya until feeling calm and strong.. Lite a candle and meditate every day 15 minutes, visualizing how you want to be: fit, slim and healthy. Works!!! Reply

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