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Uses For Aluminum Foil

Uses For Aluminum Foil

  • Cover cookie sheets with foil. They can be wiped clean with wet paper towels, dried and reused for continuous cookie baking. At the end of the baking session, cleanup is a snap.

  • Wrap foil around doorknobs when painting to avoid drips.

  • Brighten outdoor lighting in your yard or at a campsite by placing shiny, reflecting aluminum foil behind the lamp.

  • If you don’t wan’t your dog on the furniture, put pieces of foil on it. The rustle of the foil frightens the dog.

  • Make a substitute funnel in a hurry by doubling aluminum foil and rolling it into a cone, reducing the small end to the required size.

  • Wrap heavy-duty foil around a panel of insulation board and tuck it behind radiators and baseboard heaters to reflect heat into the room.

  • Place a piece of foil under the napkin in the serving basket and hot rolls will stay warm longer.

  • Remove rust spots from car bumpers by rubbing with crumpled foil dipped in cola.

  • Put a piece of aluminum foil under the ironing board cover to reflect and make ironing go faster. Or, if you’re afraid of scorching a fabric, place it between two pieces of foil and iron.

  • Enjoy a cold drink outdoors by covering your glass tightly with a piece of foil and sticking a straw through it to keep insects out.

  • For winter protection, cover the vents on your air conditioner with aluminum foil.

  • Keep cleaned silver tarnish-free by storing it with a piece of aluminum foil.

  • To stave off hunger in a hotel room when traveling, buy bread, cheese and aluminum foil. Make a cheese sandwich, wrap it in foil, then press it with a travel iron. In minutes you’ll have a toasted, melted cheese sandwich.

  • For craft/cover-up projects: aluminum foil can be spray painted.

  • Line the bottom of a pan with aluminum foil. Add several spoonfuls of baking soda and fill the pan with boiling water. Now drop in your silver pieces and watch the tarnish disappear.

Vicki Lansky has written for Sesame Street, Parent’s Guide and Family Circle and has made numerous TV appearances on programs from Oprah to The View. Her books have sold over 6 million copies. Reprinted with permission from Practical Parenting.
Reprinted with permission from Another Use for 101 Common Household Items.
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Bob Canada December 23, 2016

Aluminum Foil Aluminum foils are of great use, not only for packing of food items but also for other purpose. Thanks for sharing nice information about aluminum foils. Hope to get more from your side. Reply

Anonymous ireland May 2, 2014

aluminium rolls Hi Nice information and good post. I really enjoy for this post. Your site is very helpful. Thanks for sharing... Reply

Chavaleh June 5, 2006

Here's another good use - throw a small ball of aluminum foil into your dryer while drying your clothes - no more static electricity! Reply

Kathyrn May 25, 2006

Funny you should say..... The suggestions were indeed creative and appreciated for their usefulness in life. May I respectfully point out that while many may not know it, aluminum is very TOXIC to our bodies and should NOT be used for any reason unless it's an emergency. Esecially not in the storing or preparation of food where It enters into our bodies. Reply

Gaye Rose Glasgow, Scotland May 18, 2006

Tips Your tims/uses for Aluminium Foil was great, especially the one about the ironed sandwich. Reply

Anonymous montevideo, uruguay May 2, 2006

Thank you very much for your tips on the use of foil film.They will sure help me in many situations.
Hope to get more tips in the future.
Thanks agains for all the things Chabad gives me and helps me.
Blanca Reply