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Subtle Denial

Subtle Denial


There are people who think they’re G‑d. They may not actually think it in those terms, but they are so arrogant that they take full credit for all of their accomplishments, denying that G‑d had anything to do with it.

Remember King Pharaoh? He boasted: “The river is mine, and I have made myself!” He didn’t deny G‑d’s existence, but His oneness. There was G‑d, and there was Pharaoh.

Denying G‑d’s oneness is idol worship. And while G‑d created a world where we subjectively seem independent of Him, His intention was that we would invest effort to discover the truth—that at every moment, He is our true life force. And that not only are there no “other G‑ds,” there is no “other” existence outside of G‑d.

When we forget to give G‑d “credit” and swell with conceit at our successes, we worship ourselves. Which is a subtle form of denying G‑d.

Tanya Bit: Humility is acknowledging G‑d’s oneness. Arrogance is denying it.

(Inspired from Chapter 22 of Tanya)

Sara Blau is a teacher and extracurricular director at Beth Rivkah High School. She is a wife, mother, and author of several children“s books.
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