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Where Angels Tread

Where Angels Tread


The following poem was written for my daughter Madison shortly after her birth. Madison was born with Down Syndrome.

With love from your mother:

In the darkness of the evening
When my soul is growing tired
And I search within my aching heart
To find the face of G‑d

I search but do not find Him
In the comfort of my bed;
But sense Him as He hovers near
My sleeping baby's head.

His presence is most strong there
Though no boundaries He knows,
My precious child He favors,
Her innocence it glows.

And the light that shines within her
He, Himself cannot deny
For it breaks through all the darkness
And brightens up the sky

Oh yes, He watches over her
Above her little bed
And in dreams my baby wanders
Golden streets where angels tread.

Leah Lawrence retired in 1996 from the field of medical research and lives in Idaho with her husband and youngest child. She is the mother of 3 and grandmother of 4.
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Fernanda Rocha Porto, Portugal May 18, 2006

Where Angels Tread Beautifully written. Reply

Sarah Z RBS, Israel April 2, 2006

Wow. A powerful, inspiring and beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing with all of us.