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What 30 Years in the Classroom Taught Me

What 30 Years in the Classroom Taught Me

  • Teaching is an art form of love.
  • If I love who I teach and what I teach, I will be successful. If I don’t love what I teach but love who I teach, I can still be successful. If I love what I teach but don’t love who I teach, there are many other possible professions.
  • Being a teacher empowers me to build worlds. Worlds are built of love and kindness.
  • Worlds are built of love and kindness
  • I only really know that which I have taught to others. We owe so much to our students.
  • To set others aflame, I myself must be on fire. Keep feeding the fire!
  • Walk into class with a well-prepared lesson plan. Have the same respect for the students’ time as I expect them to have for mine.
  • The personal well-being of a single child is far more important than the lesson plan for the entire class.
  • Children rebel. That is how they grow out of childhood. With patience, explain what is the right thing to do. With confidence, expect them to do it. With perseverance, help them do it.
  • When a student has a stomach ache, it’s not a disturbance, it’s an opportunity. Provide a cup of tea and a caring word. Now we have a receptive student with an open heart.
  • Always say the truth, and always keep your word. Children look for role models and they are thrilled when their teacher deserves that title.
  • Preserve the dignity of the students. There’s no positive outcome from pointing out flaws.
  • Provide a cup of tea and a caring word To teach a few droplets well, we must be a reservoir of knowledge. Keep learning!
  • The child who disturbs class the most is the one with the most pain. And the one who needs the most love.
  • My job is that every child should be successful. If a grade 7 student tries her best and fails the test, I must make for her a grade 5 level test, so she will be successful.
  • The average mark of the class is my mark as a teacher.
Nomi Freeman is the daughter of the renowned Argentinian Kabbalist Professor Avraham Polichenco, of blessed memory. She is well known for her seminars on spirituality and Jewish mysticism. Mrs. Freeman has lectured extensively in Canada and abroad. Contact her here for lecture engagements.
Sefira Ross is a freelance designer and illustrator whose original creations grace many pages. Residing in Seattle, Washington, her days are spent between multitasking illustrations and being a mom.
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Myra Netanya, Israel September 5, 2017

I so agree with Nomi. I was a teacher & I know from my experience that you teach the student, not the book. Reply

Rowland New Zealand September 10, 2017

As a teacher for over 20 years, albeit of college students, can I just say 'right on sister!'
What's the old proverb: lanterns to be lit, not vessels to be filled.
🙃 Reply

Rivka September 7, 2017

I want to be a teacher someday and this was a really beautiful article which I will try always to keep in mind! Thank you so much, Nomi, for sharing a piece of just how great a teacher can be! Reply

sherry klein Ponchatoula September 7, 2017

Thanks, I always felt there sould be more i can do for the teachers after stating to sub, my prayers are not enough, the harvest is great and laborers few, and the Holy Spirit is our Greatest Teacher, when what we say in the natural lines up with His Word, Aplus, how do you feel about the ten commandments back in school? Reply

Alison PDX. Oregon September 9, 2017
in response to sherry klein:

No way the Ten Commandments or any other Religious matter should be in a secular School. So often Religion either becomes the basis for friction and violence--or is deliberately USED TO incite violence. School needs to be a neutral zone that is safe for everyone. Of course, being a good, decent, responsible, compassionate moral Person is something we take with us wherever we go--as do our Children. So, in exhibiting those behaviors and beliefs--everywhere we go--including school-- lessons and info is being shared through example and exchange. Ideas, philosophies, beliefs are being shared with everyone--and the Individual may choose to absorb the elements which appeal to them? Or ideas about which they are curious and desire further info. Reply

Anonymous September 7, 2017

This article was very enlightening as youve listed some of the very reasons I did not go into teaching as a profession and all the reasons I believe most of my Elementary School teachers should not never worked with young people!

Thanks! Reply

Anonymous Palm Beach County September 8, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Too many retired New York tier1 teachers I have met were only In it for their pensions, which are huge, and their lifetime benefits. Were they
exceptional teachers? No. Did they care about their students? Not the way they tell it! It is shameful and a disgrace, and oh yes, they only worked 180 days/ year to get these benefits. Reply

Alison Portland, OR September 7, 2017

A lovely article full of wisdom and kindness. Kindness is the key to pretty much everything.
Thank you for the reminder, Nomi! Reply

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