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The three most fundamental mitzvot of Jewish family life – Family Purity, Kosher food preparation, and Shabbat and Festival candles, were given especially to the Jewish woman, as it is she who is the pillar of the family.

The Mitzvot of the Jewish Woman

The Mitzvot of the Jewish Woman

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Marc Levene 34231 September 11, 2015

Living with the Lubavitch when i was 14 was one of the most important events in my history.i won this trip from the yashiva in 1977 to see how lubavitch living could impact my life,you have my deepest respect ,the real jews who hold the torch, an G-d bless,Marc Levene. Reply

Anonymous March 3, 2015

I love to listen to the Rebbe speak, he speaks truth. I thank G-d for the word and truth. Reply

Jenny D Naka Goroka, PNG February 26, 2012

The Jewish people are the light to the world and their way of liiving is what Hashem wants all man kind to live by following the Tora. I personelly desire to live that life. Reply

Anonymous gastonia, nc/usa November 2, 2009

thank you so much. Reply

Anonymous September 29, 2007

The Rebbe was such a lovely, righteous man. He has enlightened many and having him was a blessing. Reply