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I've Been Collecting Fallen Prayers

I've Been Collecting Fallen Prayers


I’ve been collecting
falling prayers
left unanswered
hanging down
long time ago
crushed to the ground

I’ve been protecting
you inside My sleeve
little ones
high off the mounds

I’ve been lifting
scattered bones
crushed by evil
shadows reveal
My promise is sealed

My lonesome dead
mangled roots
bloody veins
broken stems

I’ve been gathering
parts apart
you are My pieces
I am your heart

My eyes covered
your gentle hands
that night
the air about you
became unclean
dark tore it down
scorched My sacred dream

I promised to lift
your faces down
I was with you
hands gripping
back of your heads
hair torn
in anguish I said

Don’t mock Me
block Me
conceal Me
My garden needs

Chaya Rosen, daughter of survivors, was born in Poland and holds dual citizenship in both Israel and the United States. Her multi-cultural background, heavily influenced by the post-Holocaust era and the early years of Israel, inspires her poetry (three publications) writing. Her most recent book is "In the Shadow of God: Poetry of Memory and Healing." She has presented her work in both the United States and Israel.
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Ariel November 30, 2017

Such a Marvelous Poem! What a gorgeous poem!
I wondered at first why all the "My"s are capitalized - then I realized the speaker must be G-d! Everything else in the poem made so much more sense after that.

Thank you so much for sharing this poem with us, Chaya Rosen. Reply