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The Clock Doesn't Wait

The Clock Doesn't Wait


Rush, charge
Live life in a hurry
Race against time
The clock doesn’t wait

Wipe, dust
Clear the world around you
Washing, cleansing
The clock doesn’t wait

Work, toil
Six days a week
Climbing, striving
The clock doesn’t wait

Friday night
Hold time in its place
Take a moment to light
The clock can wait

Feel the glow
The radiance, the warmth
As it opens your mind
And releases your soul

Ignite a soul
A fire, a flame
Light up the world
By doing your part

Just one moment
Just one light
Just one deed
Makes a world of a difference

Fraida lives in Brooklyn and uses writing as a tool to share inspiration with others. In her spare time she enjoys composing music with her guitar. Check out more of her writing on her website.
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Shaina Glick Stamford February 2, 2017

Love! Keep it up fraidy! Reply