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Make a Toy Seder Plate

Make a Toy Seder Plate


Creating a Seder plate with nonperishable items will give your children the opportunity to prepare for the Seder through play, reinforcing the Pesach story and the Seder experience in their young minds.

You will need:

  • Fimo clay in white, brown, red, cream, and dark and light green (found at Michaels and other craft stores)
  • 1 heavy-duty plastic plate
  • 6 round stickers
  • Optional: a second heavy-duty plastic plate and a sheet of clear plastic paper


  1. Stick the stickers on the plate to indicate where each item belongs. (Alternatively, you can draw your own circles.)
  2. Mold the clay into the shapes of the Seder plate items. Bake the clay, following the instructions on the packet, and let it cool.
  3. Optional: To add a cover, cut a large circle in the center of a second paper plate and cover with a clear plastic sheet. Paint the outer rim of the lid and plate silver.
  4. Your kids will enjoy playing with this long-lasting Seder plate in the weeks leading up to Pesach, as well as at the Seder itself.

Chana is a proud wife and mother living in Mill Valley, California. She is inspired by the colors and textures of everyday life, and loves sharing her creative ideas with her community. Chana writes DIY projects, crafts and recipes celebrating her Jewish life and shlichus on her blog Chana’s Art Room, and is the co-director of Chabad of Mill Valley with her husband, Rabbi Hillel Scop. She also writes about a mother’s journey of raising a special-needs son on her other blog, Life of Blessing. She welcomes you to be a part of her creative and touching journey.
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Chana Brooklyn April 14, 2016

Although your instructions say to use Fimo clay, I'd like to point out that Play-Doh brand clay contains chometz and should not be used on Passover. Reply

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