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Israeli Quiche

Israeli Quiche

The Singing Chef


Israeli Quiche : The Singing Chef

Israeli Quiche
Cantor Mitch, chef and author, blends his love for food, music and spirituality to bring unique recipes to all. His passion and voice is a fresh new sound for a new generation of young kosher cooks.
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Cantor Mitch St Paul MN August 11, 2016

AS I said back in May. I do check the Eggs.. It is so very important to do so... I wanted to tell all of you that starting on August 10th the will be a commercial for the cookbook 'Kosher Cuisine For a New Generation'.
This fabulous cookbook features song parings and has free music downloads that come with the book,
You can order you copy today at or
As I sing Love to Cook.. Love to Sing.. Love Life
Cantor Mitch the Cantor chef Reply

Anonymous Atlanta August 9, 2016

Best Reply

Mitchell Kowitz St Paul May 12, 2016

I have gotten so use to spot the eggs that I do them all together. Rest assured that I do check them.
Thank all of you for taking the time to write about my foods. Bringing Kosher foods to people is a great joy to me. Check out all the music on my Web site cantormitch.come or YouTube
Have a wonderful day to all.
Cantor Mitch. The Singing Chef Reply

Anonymous May 11, 2016

Yes your foods look vary good I would like to make some of them for my self shalom Reply

Abby the kitchen July 23, 2015

eggs Actually, many (possibly most) rabbinic authorities agree that your typical supermarket eggs do not need to be checked. There is no way they can be fertalized and the blood spots we see (oh so rarely) are not problematic. If you are using free-range or other special eggs, yes, you need to check.

But either way, nothing wrong happened here. Blood spots are highly noticable and he's using a glass bowl. If one of hte eggs happened to have a problematic blood spot, it would be easily noticeable and he could tip them all out and start again. Considering how uncommon it is to find a blood spot, I would be comfortable taking the same risk.

Happy cooking, all! And thank you Chef Cantor Mitch for another fabulous video. Reply

Anonymous Valley Glen, CA July 23, 2015

Nice recipe - check eggs This is a nice recipe, nicely presented, I am motivated to try it. Enjoyed Cantor Mitch's singing, and song choice, too.
I was a bit surprised that a recipe posted here shows many eggs cracked into one bowl without checking each one separately for blood spots. I learned that we check eggs one by one to make sure they do not have blood spots, indicating a developing embryo, which is forbidden to eat. It is uncommon, but it does occur from time to time. Reply

Casper Netherlands July 22, 2015

Nice Great guy! Reply

Sara Israel July 22, 2015

check the eggs! you have to check eggs for blood spots before you use them!!! Reply

Shoshanna Pa-17110 July 9, 2015

Lala Wonderful! Reply

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