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Throw a Beautiful Chanukah Party

Throw a Beautiful Chanukah Party


I love to entertain, and Chanukah is the perfect time to invite friends and family over for a holiday party. It’s so much fun to decorate the house and table in festive Chanukah attire.

In keeping with the traditional Chanukah colors, I stuck to a palette of blues and golds.

For a centerpiece I used a contemporary gold menorah. This is just for decorative purposes, since the menorah is usually lit by a door or window.

The white hydrangeas are sitting in a clear glass vase, with gold plastic dreidels acting as a vase filler.

Each place setting had a small Chanukah gift tied with gold floss and a chocolate gelt candy.

Even the kosher rock candy kept with the blue color theme!

The dinner table was set up in the living room right in front of our fireplace. That gave me even more places to continue the Chanukah theme.

The gold coins are plastic from the party store.

Using a hot glue gun, it was easy to glue them to some string a create this garland.

The top of the mantel was the perfect place to spell out the essence of the holiday with the word “miracles.”

It was easy to create: pick up some chip board letters (I found mine at Hobby Lobby). Glue them onto wood skewers and spray-paint gold. When dry, insert each letter into votive cups filled with salt.

And, don’t forget to send your guests home with a gift bag . . .

These Star of David pretzels are covered in melted chocolate and topped with blue candy nonpareils!

Rita Brownstein is a designer and former art director. She is the author of Jewish Holiday Style and Jewish Weddings (published by Simon & Schuster), and currently blogs at
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Roni Long Island,NY December 1, 2015

Great ideas. ...where can I find the star of David pretzels. Never saw that? Reply

Mel November 11, 2015

beautiful! great ideas, thank you! Reply

ellen December 22, 2014

great ideas, thanks for sharing Reply

Barbara Niles Phoenix, Arizona December 3, 2013

To Anonymous The color scheme and the amount of money spent on Chanukah parties and decorations is an individual choice.

As far as where to put the food - how about setting up a buffet table and let everyone help themselves? And the presents? I'm sure we are all creative enough to find a place to put them. Bags of dreidels and chocolate gelt make wonderful favors at each place setting. Larger presents can be put near where the candles are being lit if you give out presents at candle lighting time. Or don't set the table completely until after you have presented the gifts. Reply

Barbara Niles Phoenix, Arizona December 3, 2013

To Cedric & Sylvia Cedric & Sylvia ----- Whose traditions are we copying? Didn't Chanukah evolve before the "other" holiday? So, any traditions that we observe were already in place and would have to be of a Jewish nature. I would also like to suggest that you look into the real reason behind Chanukah and how this minor holiday came about. Reply

Cedric and Sylvia Cohen Liverpool, U.K via December 3, 2013

Chanukah celebrations Chanukah celebrations should not in any way emulate other religious practices. Having parties and giving Chanukah gelt is and always has been part of our enjoyment of the festival. It is the method by which we do this that is important,, and the theme should be specifically of a Jewish nature. There is no requirement to decorate the house. The lighting of the menorah is the important thing to remind us of the Chanukah miracle and the tradition of eating foods prepared with oil. Reply

Anonymous December 3, 2013

Chanukah decor does not have to include blue, white or silver. This color scheme has become popular because of commercial advertising and merchandising. The time and money spent on this type of décor is overdone.

Although the table makes a lovely picture it is not very practical. Where do the presents go? There seems to be no room for food. Reply

Marilyn Tallahassee, FL December 1, 2013

Celebration I could not disagree more that celebrations are not in keeping with the true spirit of Chanukah. It was the direct result of being invited to a party just like the one described that I reconnected with Judaism and knew that I needed to dedicate myself to being more observant for my own sake as well as my family. I can think of no better way to demonstrate my thankfulness than to make my home beautiful and to spend time with family and friends celebrating Hashem's goodness to us as a people. Decorations are not exclusive to a particular culture or religious practice. Having a beautiful mantle piece that reminds everyone that Hashem peformed miracles then and now is appropriate. It is possible to have reverence, beauty, and joy at the same time. Let our children find such things in our own homes before they search for it elsewhere. Reply

Dina November 30, 2013

Love it! Gorgeous and fun. I wish it was a longer Friday, we had our Chanukah party on Friday night at the meal and there was barely enough time to cook. Need to plan ahead more next year! Reply

Anonymous Hollywood, Florida November 30, 2013

Chanukah Decorations I think the decorations were pretty but I agree with Sylvia. We need not to assimilate and copy Christian religions. Chanukah is OURS. For the first time I can remember, this year we get to celebrate Chanukak without the Christian influence so let us enjoy Chanukak. Hashem would be proud for the non assimilation. And yes. I do like pretty things. Reply

Barbara Niles Phoenix, AZ November 29, 2013

Chanukah Celebrations With all due respect to the Cohens and although this is somewhat off of my topic about equality between men and women, Chanukah parties with decorations have been the norm since I was a little girl (70+ years ago) and before that. Any attempted connection between Chanukah and Christmas has surfaced in recent years only. As long as the Jews know the meaning and significance of Chanukah, there is no harm in celebrating it by having parties, decorating, and, of course, lighting candles and the giving of gifts - especially when there are children involved. Our "twentysomething" grandchildren still love receiving Chanukah gelt and spinning the dreidel. I hope, Sylvia & Cedric, that you can find the joy and the celebration in Chanukah. Reply

Rita Brownstein November 29, 2013

Dear Sylvia And Cedric Cohen,
I believe it's a hiddur mitzvah to make Chanukah as festive and beautiful as possible. Why not enhance the holiday with delicious food and beautiful surroundings as well as publicizing the miracle by lighting the menorah and increasing our religious practice?
All the best, Reply

Sylvia And Cedric Cohen Liverpool, U.K. via November 29, 2013

Chanukah celebrations Chanukah celebrations such as parties with festive decoations are not in keeping with the true spirit of Chnukah and mimics very much the non-Jewish festivities at this time of year. The essence of Chanukah is to give thanks to Hashem for the survival of the Jewish religion and to publicise the miracle by lighting the menorah and increasing our religious practice. We have our own customs without having to copy any others. Reply

Barbara Niles Phoenix, AZ November 28, 2013

Equal Time Why is this article directed at women only? Can't men "throw a beautiful Chanukah party" too? Many men are very creative. Let's be fair! Reply

Rita Brownstein November 27, 2013

Chocolate pretzels Linda,
Yes, you can make them!
Check out my blog post on designmegillah where I show you how. (Just search for Chocolate Pretzel Stars). Reply

Rita Brownstein November 27, 2013

Thank you Leah,
Putting this together was a labor of love...glad you enjoyed! Reply

Anonymous November 27, 2013

Gorgeous! Posts like this should be on Chabad's Pinterest page. :) Reply

Anonymous Suzhou, China November 27, 2013

Great Ideas We are just starting to be more observant and this is the first Hanukkah I have really made an effort for. Next year we will be at home and I can already imagine my fireplace decorated for Hanukkah! Reply

Anonymous Barberton, South Africa November 26, 2013

Chanukah Wow! Thanks for the ideas! Reply

Anonymous NM November 26, 2013

Beautiful I love the placement of colors...fresh and crisp looking...a soothing ambiance. Great ideas. Thank you! Reply

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