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A Woman’s Practical Advice and Timely Action

A Woman’s Practical Advice and Timely Action

Wife of Ohn ben Peles


Sometimes a woman’s bold action can save her husband’s life, spiritually and physically. Such was the case with the wife of Ohn ben Peles.

Ohn ben Peles was one of the people who joined Korach’s rebellion against Moses in the wilderness, when Korach challenged Moses’ leadership and decision-making.

Upon learning of her husband's decision, Ohn’s wife said to him, “Why are you joining Korach’s rebellion? What will you gain from it? If Moshe is victorious, you will be a disciple, and if Korach is victorious, you will be a disciple!”

Ohn replied, “You’re right, but what should I do now? I already took part in the rebellion and pledged my allegiance.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll save you,” she pledged.

She gave him wine to drink until he became drunk, then she put him to bed inside their tent. She uncovered her hair, let it down, and calmly sat at the entrance of the tent. Now, this was a very bold and unconventional action, since no man should see a married woman’s hair. But extreme times call for extreme measures.

She gave him wine to drink until he became drunk

Each member of Korach’s group came to summon Ohn for the rebellion. But there was his wife at the entrance of her tent, blatantly revealing her hair! They quickly turned away, unwilling to see her forbidden hair.

Ultimately, G‑d caused Korach’s rebellious assembly to be swallowed up by the earth. But Ohn ben Peles was still peacefully sleeping off his intoxication. True to her word, his wife saved his life. (Tractate Sanhedrin 109b-110a)

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Anonymous USA August 16, 2013

Woam Practical Advise You have prefer to see your husband been killed? I definitely not. If I could save his life, I would do anything. Unless the man is undeserving. Which in such a case I would pray to Hashem, be blessed, to help me make the right decision. But in such a case as this one, where Korach was was against Hashem, blessed be He, and Moshe. There are times when we do crazy things just to follow others. We need to watch where we are going, and our intentions. If it is for the good of all. Reply

Ana Bertelli sao paulo August 16, 2013

doubt I have my doubts if that is right. She robbed him of his free will and did not allow him to act upon his word. Wouldn't that be too close to deceive your own husband ? Even if she had a great cause, save his life, I would hesitate - our lives are not always what values most. Reply

Anonymous USA August 16, 2013

Woman Practical Advises Women have had an enormous part on saving men from so many difficult deeds in their lives through the years. True love is sacrifice for the one you love. Of course it goes on both parts. But if a woman have a good husband who loves her, it is only fair for her to make sacrifices to help her husband in any event. It is wonderful to see couples who love each other mutually. Reply

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