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Revealing Your Mission

Revealing Your Mission

A Purim Insight


“How did you get into this?” “Why did you get into this?” I get these questions all the time. How did a Stanford graduate in international relations get into helping women who are trying to conceive with the assistance of (a lot of prayer! and) alternative medicine? The “how” is answered by the “why,” and the “why” is answered by my story.

My husband and I were married nearly four years, and had gone through numerous fertility treatments. Nothing seemed to work, as we ran from doctor to doctor.

My husband and I were married nearly four years, and had gone through numerous fertility treatments

I went through ups and downs—moments of hope and moments of disappointment. My husband and I had each other, of course, and we grew so close due to the experience, but I still felt so alone. Could anyone understand what I was going through? I felt like a pincushion, as each shot of hormone was injected into my body. I lost my always-present smile, as I was on an emotional and physical roller coaster. I wanted to give up, and yet I knew that I couldn’t. There were times of despair and of asking, Why? There were times when I said, Enough. Stop waiting, stop wanting, live your life.

After nearly four years, a friend suggested giving alternative medicine a try. We looked into it, and went to a recommended religious practitioner. I walked out from his office sobbing. It was the first time that anyone had ever looked at me and asked me how I am. I wasn’t just a name on a record. I wasn’t just an ultrasound or x-ray; I wasn’t just a blood test. I was a person. The practitioner was humble. He didn’t make promises, and yet he gave me hope. He was thorough, he was professional, and he made me feel like a human being instead of an object. Later I found out that he himself had been married for years without children.

We gave it a try and, thank G‑d, had a healthy boy less than a year later. I had a beautiful pregnancy, a beautiful birth, and I told my husband, “I want to learn, and I want to help other women.” That was almost eight years ago, and now, thank G‑d, I have a list of women in whose process to conceiving or birthing a child into this world I have merited to have a part.

He didn’t make promises, and yet he gave me hope

The king of Persia, Achashverosh, was in search of a wife after having sentenced his queen, Vashti, to death. The search dragged on for four years. Thousands of prospects passed through the imperial agencies, but none even came close to finding favor in the eyes of the king.

One woman, a Jewish orphan named Esther, was hidden by her devoted cousin, Mordechai, who was prepared to risk his life to prevent her from being taken to the palace. She was spotted, and taken—against her will—to the palace. The search came to an end as Esther, whose name is related to the word seter, which means “hidden,” became chosen as the queen.

Can you image what she was thinking? I know what I would be thinking: Why? Why me? Why this? The reason was hidden from her, but not knowing the “why” didn’t shake her. By order of her cousin she concealed her true identity, and continued to stay connected to Mordechai and to her faith.

In the meantime a wicked man, Haman, rose to power. He devised a plan to kill the Jewish people, and with the consent of the king the decree was sent throughout the Persian empire that in eleven months, in the month of Adar, all the king’s subjects should attack and kill all the Jews. Soon after the terrible decree became public, the hidden became revealed, the mysterious “why” answered. Why had Esther been chosen as the queen? Mordechai informed her:

Queen Esther was a messenger. It is within all of our powers to be a messenger

“Esther, Providence brought you to this unlikely station for a purpose, and you must fulfill it. Now is the time for you to speak up on behalf of our people. There is no time to waste.”

Esther, Queen Esther, understood with these words that she had been chosen as queen and put into her situation so that she could be the messenger to save her people.

Queen Esther was a messenger. It is within all of our powers to be a messenger.

Now, thank G‑d, three children later, my perspective is obviously so different than what it was when I felt that longing, that wanting, those irrational feelings of guilt. But when a woman comes to me for a treatment, I always make myself remember. I look at her in the eyes. I see the person before me, and I try to see the whole picture. And as much as anyone could possibly understand the pain of another, to some extent I do. I am called all the time for medical advice, for support, for a listening ear. I look back now at my journey, and I know that the challenges in the beginning got me to where I am now. I do what I do because I love it, and because I realize that all those treatments—they weren’t for nothing. It’s almost as though I feel like G‑d told me, “I am putting you in this situation so that you will have more understanding, and so that you will use this to then help other people.”

I know that the challenges in the beginning got me to where I am now

G‑d’s name is not mentioned in the entire book of Esther. The sages teach that the path a person wishes to take is the path towards which he’ll be directed. You could look at your life and all the challenges and say to yourself, For what? Why? What a hardship, what a waste. Or you could look at those very same challenges and say, What a hardship! Let me use what I learned from this experience to help others. Let me use my position, skills, knowledge, money, power, etc., that I have, to help others.

The whole story of Purim teaches us that everything is for a reason. We have a choice to see it, or to keep the reason hidden.

Originally from northern California and a Stanford University graduate, Elana Mizrahi now lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children. She is a doula, massage therapist, writer, and author of Dancing Through Life, a book for Jewish women. She also teaches Jewish marriage classes for brides.
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Elana Mizrahi Jerusalem, Israel March 4, 2013

My contact info If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at

All the best,

Elana Reply

Aliza Shomeriya February 25, 2013

Thank you... Loved this article. Exactly the inspiration I was looking for. May all our prayers be answered! Reply

HKS Ny, USA via February 24, 2013

Fortunate It is fortunate and many hard days as well that leads us if we follow.
You are blessed as well as the people who benefit from the blessing..... Reply

Anonymous Orlando February 23, 2013

WHO is the blessed person that made a difference? GReetings and many thanks but I would like to bring a beautiful soul into our live as well... but could you tell us the name of this person??
What did this person do? Reply

Anonymous New Jersey U.S. February 22, 2013

Beautiful Thank you for sharing your inspiring story, and making the connection to Esther's courageous and heroic actions for our people. I really enjoyed the "mysterious why" questions and how history is ever present in our lives today. Reply

Efra Romania February 22, 2013

todah raba Bless you and HaShem lead you in your ministry... Reply

Anonymous London February 21, 2013

Type of treatment? What religious practitioner or doctor did you visit for fertility assistance? Reply

Amy Oregon February 19, 2013

Thank you! I myself am going through some profound changes and am having a challenging time talking about them with my husband as he also finds them challenging and troublesome. But, I know that we are given difficult circumstances in our lives for personal and public reasons. I don't know the why, and I don't ask, but I know that G_d allows these things to happen for a reason. We just don't know what that reason is until we arrive at the answer. Reply

Anonymous NY February 19, 2013

you write well please add your email so people who would like to be in touch living outside of Israel, can write to you, thanks. Reply

Anonymous USA February 18, 2013

Revealing Your Mission Thank you Mrs. Mizrahi for sharing your story with us. I am grateful. I wish I could find out what my mission is. I often ask Hashem, blessed be He, that question. He brought me to the realization that my ancestor were Jewish from both my parents. I have been studying all about judaism. And my dream is to someday before I leave this world to visit Israel where my ancestors walked. I can feel it in my soul that I was there at the mountain where Torah was given. I know my soul spoke the language of my ancestors and lived through all. Therefore, I wait. But my mission, why was it hidden from me all these years who I was in Hashem, I cannot understand. Lately I surrendered all to Him, and accepted His decree. But the inquiry of that mission is still unanswered from my prayers. Your article has given me another perspective for a near future. He, the Almighty, Gael Mael is near, all I need to do is wait. Thank you and many blessings. Reply

Anonymous February 18, 2013

beautiful. Thank You. Reply

Anonymous Cleve February 18, 2013

very good Thank you. I really enjoyed this article. Reply

queen February 18, 2013

Hopefully I would not have infertitily issues, but for those who need it I am glad you are there for them. Reply

liba Houston via February 17, 2013

great! Kol ha kavod. thank you for your inspiring and meaningful words. Reply

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