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The Shofar

The Shofar


the shofar’s blasts
and let its white voice
expand as it whirls within you.

As the call expands in you,
let it transport you to Sinai
when the sound shook the ground
and the mountain wrapped in smoke.

When the shofar’s light swirls
let its warmth seep into your bones
and carry you on wings
beyond the storm-winds of the south

to the time
when a great shofar is heard
and a new light shines;
when lambs frolic with wolves
and a child romps with snakes;
when no-one is afraid,
and all creatures know

the One, endless, timeless One.

Ruth Fogelman is the author of Within the Walls of Jerusalem - A Personal Perspective. Her writing and photography have appeared in numerous anthologies and other publications in Israel, the USA and India. Ruth is a facilitator of the Pri Hadash Women’s Writing Workshop in Jerusalem and is currently studying for a Masters Degree in the Creative Writing Program at Bar Ilan University.
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