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And so she smiled
As sweet as can be
In the face of the monster
Called reality.

It bared its ugly teeth
And flared its nostrils wide
Under its scrutinizing glare
There was nowhere to hide

In its home, a cave
Filled with dark shadows, no light
She tried to run
As her soul was filled with fright

But the monster gave chase
And despite how fast the little girl tried to run
The monster was always ahead
And it seemed like he had won

Her throbbing legs
And aching heart
Proved how she felt
Like she was being torn apart

Was there anywhere
She would be safe and free
A place where she could escape
The pains of reality?

Because that monster
Tests and tries
To break you down
Your dead soul is his prize

When you run away
He will pursue
But if you befriend him
He will be helpful to you

Don’t run
Despite the chase
Invite him to join you
And create your own place

Reality, you fiend
I thought you were my foe
But truly you’re my comrade
And now, the truth I know

Adina Levitan is an avid writer of poetry and short stories, enjoys things that sparkle and is always happy when she is at Starbucks.
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Discussion (9)
December 28, 2015
inspiring. i want also to be part of poetry,
naga city philippines
January 17, 2014
Really lovely! I enjoyed every bit of it
Accra, Ghana
February 1, 2013
all i have to say is - WOW!
January 29, 2012
Very beautiful and inspiring.
Anil Lobo
Mumbai, India
September 14, 2011
Omg! This poem is amazing i'm reading this poem for my english project, man i wish i could write something as good as this...i love this poem
August 7, 2011
your poem
see medrash raba Beraishis parsha 22,#6 that says if the yetzer comes against you,make him happy with words Torah..message he is our hidden freind..
very powerful poem !
baltimore, md
June 9, 2011
it is an awesome poem :)
los angeles, california
February 6, 2011
Beautiful poignant verse, Adina!
Sueann Wells
Honeoye Falls, NY
February 6, 2011
Thanks for this inspirational poem!