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February Check List

February Check List


February: Think of this month as the PERFECT time to catch up on indoor chores now that it is super cold out!

  • Purchase a small fireproof safe if you don't currently have one.
  • Begin thinking about what vital records and valuables need to be stored in your safe. Make copies of all of your credit cards, insurance documents, and put social security cards as well as other valuables in the safe. At first, you may need to keep the safe nearby your office so you get used to having these things stored away.
  • Clean out one or two file drawers while you are going through your vital records and shred unnecessary papers.
  • Spend one or two days this month on a cooking and baking marathon so you can stock up your freezer for days in the spring when you don't feel like cooking! The baked goods you make can be used for your Purim Mishloach Manot (click here for more about these food gifts we give on Purim).
  • Go through each of your spice bottles, open them up to check if they still have a fragrance. If the spices don't smell like anything, they won't taste like anything either so throw them away and purchase a replacement.
  • Restock your gift supplies and gift wrapping drawer with what you used up for Chanukah. You will need it in about twenty days for Purim Mishloach Manot!
  • Get a head start on cleaning for Passover by cleaning closets, since you probably aren't too concerned with food getting into bedroom clothes closets, for example. Empty the closet out, refold the clothes, get rid of clothes you don't wear, and clean the closet floor. Move on to the next closet and reward yourself for being that much closer to a perfectly organized Passover!
  • While we're on the topic of Passover, why not sit down and make a master list of everything you need to do for Passover. Don't stress and feel that you have to do it now, just make a list.
  • Gather up your Purim costumes. If you're snowbound, use this opportunity to make homemade costumes.
  • Next time you go grocery shopping, pick up some items for your Mishloach Manot packages. People really appreciate getting items they can use at meals like soup mixes, mini mayonnaise bottles and tuna, or grape juice. If you're going to buy cases of heavy bottles and things, dividing them up into several grocery shopping trips will be easier on your back.
  • Take a deep breath because you're more than halfway through the school year! Reassess what your kids may need from their teachers or tutors and help keep them on a great track.
  • February is Summer camp planning season. Begin to look at different summer camps and decide what is best for your child. Think about past summers: what worked, what didn't work and make your family decision based on your child's past experiences.
  • February 14th is a time when there are lots of decorations, cards, and sales on gifts. Stock up on end of the year gifts for teachers such as chocolate roses, thank you cards, small trinkets.
  • Hire someone to do something for you like clean your house or shovel your walkway. Sometimes the money spent on hiring someone balances out with all the time you'll save!
  • Redo your linen closet by putting sheet sets inside of pillowcases. Stack sheet sets by color in your newly organized linen closet.
  • Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure at your local nail place. If you prefer at home treatments, get a good cuticle oil to massage right onto your dry cuticles. You can use a medicine dropper for precise application to your cuticles.
  • Empty your email inbox deleting old emails and storing the emails you still need into folders.
  • Clean out your freezer in preparation for storing lots of Kosher for Passover meat and chicken.
  • Look for sales on food stuffs that are Kosher for Passover all year round. This includes meat and chicken.
Rivka Slatkin is the founder of, a website geared for helping the Jewish woman organize her life.
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Julie Baltimore February 2, 2011

Great ideas! Thank you! Reply

Samantha Johnson Ankeny, IA February 1, 2011

Thanks! I found the suggestions in this article to be very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to share this list. Reply

Debra Chester-le-Street, UK January 31, 2011

To Do List Wonderful suggestions, since I do not have children at home some do not apply to me personally, however, it got me thinking of other things to add in their place. Wonderful timing. Thank you so much for your thoughts and suggestions. Definitely helpful. Reply

Anonymous Cleve, OH January 31, 2011

Is this realistic? Not everyone can afford summer camp, housecleaning, fireproof safes, and hiring someone to clean the walkway. With small children, of course food DOES get into the closets ! Not everyone has color coordinated matching sheet sets ! Financial times are very hard now - I just feel this article is so not realistic !!! Reply