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Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Pesha Leah Azoulay of blessed memory
Pesha Leah Azoulay of blessed memory

Editor's Note: Last week I received the terrible news that one of my writers had been killed in a terrible car crash. Upon learning it was Pesha Leah Azoulay, I immediately searched my email to find our last correspondence. In doing so, I saw that we had been in touch just over a year ago, right after her marriage. What I hadn't realized was that she had since sent another poetry submission that I had somehow overlooked. In reading it, I am overwhelmed at the depth her message now has. I wish Pesha had known that this was being published as I know it gave her great joy. For now I can only hope that her words will remind others of how precious our time is in this world, and how greatly she utilized hers. May her family be comforted in their enormous loss.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock,
Glancing up at the clock,
The sound it makes resounds within,
So many mixed messages lie therein.

Tock Tick, Tock Tick,
Does time move on slow or quick?
Looking back, time is passing all too fast,
And yet it crawls by when we’d like it to pass.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock
That sound gives quite a shock,
When there are so many things we need to do,
Yet the day's gone by, it's almost through.

Tock Tick, Tock Tick,
To our choices, we must stick,
It’s frustrating to hear that ticking sound,
Cuz, what’s done is done, time can’t turn around.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock,
Time can seem like a rock,
Solid still, inert, nothing will penetrate,
When there's something special to anticipate.

Tock Tick, Tock Tick,
It can be akin to a candle wick,
On which the flame consumes the wax,
Ablaze, but, impossible to get it back.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock,
If only we could control the clock,
Special moments are worth repeating,
Yes, sometimes it seems oh so fleeting.

Tock Tick, Tock Tick,
Change is automatic,
It’s obvious that things don’t stay the same,
That begs the question, is the clock to blame?

Tick Tock, Tick Tock,
Does life revolve around the clock?
Or does the clock revolve around what we do?
You decide, because I’ve got work I must go to!

Pesha Leah, originally from Grand Rapids, MI, worked in NYC for the OK Kosher Laboratories, planning trips for kosher supervisors. She was just twenty-three years old when she was tragically killed in a car accident on January 7, 2010. She was a deeply thoughtful and passionate woman who expressed herself through poems, several of which were published by
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Nicole Villa Sarasota, FL January 29, 2010

My Friend Pesha helped in a Chabad House in Sarasota, FL where I was blessed to be a co-teacher. I read her poems while she was here and will miss her smile more than anything. This poem reminds me of the time I missed not keeping in closer contact with her. As much as our candles may be blown out, the light that is shared with others lives on. Reply

E.Simmonds winnipeg, canada January 15, 2010

Blessed be the True Judge!

May G-d console you -- and us all -- amongst the mourners for Zion and Jerusalem.

My heart goes out to the family and young new groom. Reply

shel UK January 15, 2010

G-d bless ... in spirit ... for the sharing of this message and the timing for all to see. AMEN Reply

LindaLou Colmesneil, Texas January 13, 2010

tick tock As each of us reads her poem , a little part of her will transfer to us and let us reflect on our daily usage of passng time. She will go on in each of us as we read her thoughts.We do not always undestand G-d's reasons in life, we just need to have faith and trust! I have been widowed 4 times. I continue in faith and trust, and realize our time is like a candle, and could go out at any time. Every minute is precious Reply

Helen Fox London, England January 12, 2010

Tick Tock What a terrible waste, a life taken at such a young age. The clock has stopped for poor Pesha Leah Azoulay. But she will always be remembered. A lovely poem. Reply

Sandra Cohen Margulius Milwaukee, Wisconsin January 11, 2010

thank you I have been so wrapped up in what is wrong in my life lately, and how consumed I am about what is going to happen, that I am forgetting to enjoy the day, the hour, or even the minutes in my life. I am saddened by the news of someone so young taken from us, but she has reminded me that we don't know how many tick tocks we have left in this world, so we'd better make the most of them. I hope that I can remember to appreciate the good that is happening in my life and live in the now and not worry about the future. Only G-d knows what the plans are for me, and so far He's not talking. So, I have to have faith that everything will work out and trust that my life will turn out OK. I have no control over it anyway, so my worry is just wasted effort with no positive reward. Learning to appreciate and enjoy the time G-d has given me will be the best gift I can give myself and I thank this beautiful young woman for reminding me of that. Reply

Anonymous Netanya, Israel January 11, 2010

Tick Tock Baruch Dayan Ha Emet

Very very sad news, May her family have all the comfort they need at this time.

What a beautiful Poem - Thank you for sharing this with us, Makes us realise even more that every second of our life is so precious. Reply

T.B. January 11, 2010

Baruch Dayan Ha Emes!!! Beautiful!!!! Reply

Joy Krauthammer Porter Ranch, USA January 11, 2010

Condolences Baruch Dayan HaEmet.

Dear Sara Esther,

The soul of Pesha Leah, z'l, knows that her "Tick Tock" poetic words (you have now published) have penetrated our hearts as well as our minds, and in her zechut (merit) will enlighten our actions and awareness of time.

May her memory be for a blesSing. In heart-felt sympathy and with condolences to you, Sara Esther, and to the family and friends of their loved one, Pesha Leah. Reply

Anonymous Tzfat, Israel January 11, 2010

Baruch Dayan Ha Emet
makes me think twice where my priorities lay. Thank you for publishing this poem. Reply