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Letters of Hope and Love

A Wave of Light

Some More Journalistic Bias, Please?

Why We Care About Israel

More Photos From the War

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Quiet Disappears on Israel’s Other Borders

Residents of the northern Israel community of Kiryat Shemona ran to shelters Wednesday morning after enemy crews operating in Lebanon fired three Katyusha rockets across the border.
First Person

A Wave of Light

A Lightful Meeting with an Injured Israeli Soldier
"I had a bad feeling," he tells me, "I saw in their eyes the sudden realization: this is real. This is thighs shattered, limbs detached...this is war."

Some More Journalistic Bias, Please?

We try to explain away evil as "misunderstood good." Often times, the only people that "enlightened" minds choose to label as evil are those who have the courage to identify evil for what it really is.
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Letters of Hope and Love

You could see on their faces how meaningful this was to them. They were putting little missives of hope and love into their pockets--to take along with them in battle.
A Call to Action
As these lines are being written, the hearts and minds of Jews all over the world are with our brothers and sisters in the land of Israel;

At this time, every Jew is asking him or herself: What can I do to help?

Recommended Psalms for times of distress

Show Solidarity

Film Excerpt: Peace Upon the Land