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Jewish Essentials - Part 4
Holidays and Holy Days - The Jewish Calendar
Take a journey through the Jewish calendar and get an elementary overview of the Jewish holidays and their customs. This class is the forth of a six-part lecture series titled ‘The Essentials,’ which introduces the foundations of Jewish life and living.
The Jewish Calendar
Rosh Chodesh
Rosh Chodesh, the head of the month, plays a big role in the Jewish calendar, where the lunar cycle is front and center. Learn how the Jewish calendar works.
Inside the story of Tevet 5: the victory of the sacred books
A Movement on Trial
Jewish Educational Media pulls back the curtain on the fascinating saga of the violation of Lubavitch’s sacred manuscripts and books—and their ultimate triumph. From the Rebbe’s earliest public references to the theft of Chabad’s treasured library, it was...
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