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Lubavitcher Rebbe (Own Works)

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To an organizer of community events for Jewish women, who commented to the Rebbe that it was "taking little effort on her part."
Understanding the Crowd By the Grace of G‑d 18th Teveth, 5716 [January 2, 1956] Brooklyn Mrs. Rachel Altein Blessing and Greeting: I received your letter of Rosh Chodesh Teveth. I have been waiting for this kind of letter for a long time, and I am glad to...
Educating the Next Generation of Jews Excerpted from a conversation with Hillel Directors, August 27, 1959
We are now in an era when we must approach every individual according to his unique personality.
Why has G‑d chosen certain numbers for special significance?
Indeed, there cannot be one without the other; there can be no real freedom without accepting the precepts of our Torah guiding our daily life; pure and holy life eventually leads to real freedom.
"In this blessed country of freedom and opportunity, such total identification with the spirit of the "Season of Our Liberation" pertains more to the inner self than to outside factors which are often beyond one's control."
Blessing and Greeting: I am in receipt of your letter and, although the time is not very convenient for lengthy correspondence, I trust that the following lines will adequately answer your letter. You write about your present frame of mind and lack of ful...
I am confident that very soon you, too, will see the happy end of this test, and be richly rewarded with "silver and gold" also in the plain sense of the word...
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