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Torah Scribe

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Children of the Shtetl
The Scribe’s House
The daughters of the village scribe talk about how their father makes Torah scrolls and other holy artifacts.
The "Sofer"
To become a scribe requires rigorous study and training-and great skill. Certainly, a person who has not carefully studied the laws pertaining to composing a Torah scroll cannot be a scribe. Above all, however, the scribe must be a G-d-fearing and pious p...
We are generally accustomed to not seeing the mezuzah itself, but its case. Most of us do not fully realize just how much skill and labor goes into the writing of the actual mezuzah.
Creating A Home for the First Sefer Torah in the State of Florida
Writing a Torah Scroll
The historical completion of the first sefer Torah ever written -- in its entirety -- in the state of Florida ...with a personal statement from Governor Jeb Bush of Florida
The Megillah - Behind the Scenes
Watch and learn how a real Megillah is made as we visit a real Sofer - expert scribe.
Called Kiryat Hasofrim, “Palace of the Scribes,” Safed’s newest museum will take visitors on an interactive tour of Judaism’s scribal arts.
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