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Torah Scroll

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How is a Torah made? Learn about the special parchment, quill and ink that are used -- and about the scribe who puts it all together...
The black are the letters we see, while the white, the inverse space between the black, are the letters we don't see. Some souls, like the black letters of the Torah, have a clear purpose and focus. Others are more like the white letters...
The Torah, which is stored in the ark, is a large scroll of parchment upon which a specially trained Scribe (Sofer) wrote the Five Books of Moses by hand. Reading from the Torah is quite challenging since no vowels or punctuation appear in the text, and e...
Although it is not mentioned in the Talmud, the custom to fast after accidentally dropping a Torah scroll or tefillin has indeed been widespread for many hundreds of years. One of the earliest mentions of this practice is a responsa of Rabbi Israel of Bru...
Question: My husband and I are in the final stages of purchasing a Torah scroll which we intend on giving as a gift to our rabbi. Could you please advise us how to reverently handle the Torah and the protocol/laws involved as we give this precious gift? A...
Question: For my son's Bar Mitzvah he received a portion of an old Torah scroll as a gift. The scroll, made of sheep skin, seems to be authentic but I'm concerned that it is wrong to possess such a holy object for the mundane purpose of being a collectabl...
In the Code of Jewish Law Rama in Orach Chaim 134. it is written that a Torah scroll should be held in one's right arm (and rested on the right shoulder). This applies even if the one holding the Torah is left-handed. There are two verses that allude to t...
Every year on the holiday of Simchat Torah, three different portions of the Torah are read during the morning service. a) V'zot Haberacha, the last portion of the Torah; b) the holiday maftir reading, discussing the day's Temple service; c) Bereishit, the...
A beautiful true tale of how the meandering path of a Torah scroll—and an act of kindness—comes full circle.
Eight Eternal Lights One Year Later--Anniversary of the Mercaz Harav Shooting RankRankRankRankRankRank
Suddenly we became aware of the fact that the souls of these boys were here with us, as we danced with the Torahs dedicated to their memories. The room was electric with their presence.
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