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Shea Hecht

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Rabbi Shea Hecht is chairman of NCFJE (National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education), the trailblazing social services and outreach organization directed by his late father, the famed Rabbi J. J. Hecht. Rabbi Shea Hecht also co-hosts on the WWRL 1600 morning show and is a communal leader and activist in the Crown Heights Jewish community.

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Completing a Book of Talmud
The conclusion of tractate Tomid discusses the Levites' song in the Holy Temple.
Completing a Book of Talmud
The tractate of Tamid, the shortest tractate of the Talmud, discusses the regular daily service in the Holy Temple—the sacrifices, the incense, the priestly blessings and more. Tamid concludes on topic of the songs the Levite choir would sing in the Holy ...
Tractate Tamid 2 Av – Thursday, July 23rd Video
Tractate Tamid
The Levites' song in the Holy Temple
No matter what side of the organ donor argument you are on, when you read Zach Dunlap's story you will probably take a step back—to contemplate
Should the death of a child be a strong enough motivator for change? Or does it require a lawsuit?
Brain Shutdown Syndrome What the GPS taught me
What the GPS taught me
When Kyle Paxman's wedding was called off six weeksbefore it was supposed to take place, she reacted just the way we all hope we would: she turned the negative into something very positive
The wife who pokes fun at her husband's clumsiness proves nothing about him other than that he was unlucky enough to marry an unsupportive spouse...
"Keep your eyes wide open before marriage," Ben Franklin quoted, "and half shut afterwards.'
When we tell our children to run an errand for us, are we teaching them "responsibility" or are we teaching them how to transfer responsibility?
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