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Naftali Silberberg

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Rabbi Naftali Silberberg resides in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife Chaya Mushka and their three children.

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The Light of Elul Days of Mercy and the High Holidays Audio
From the maamar ‘Ani LeDodi’ in Likkutei Torah
Studying Tehillim: Chapter 27, Part 1 King David's Fortifying Faith Video
Studying Tehillim: Chapter 27, Part 1
I am Unto My Beloved The Month of Elul Video
I am Unto My Beloved
A deeper understanding of the significance of the month of Elul and how the blowing of the shofar during this month is, in some way, even higher than the shofar of Rosh Hashana. (Based on the maamor Ani L'dodi 5732)
A Royal Encounter Not to Be Missed! All about the month of Elul Video
A Royal Encounter Not to Be Missed!
Elul is the month when we do battle, as it were, with our deepest insecurities, negativities and challenges.
The Kabbalah of Marriage Understanding Relationships Video
The Kabbalah of Marriage
Relationships seem to be an enigma. Uncovering the quintessential relationship between G-d and man, which mirrors our very own marriages, sheds light on this most challenging topic.
The Month of Elul The feminine modality for change Video
The Month of Elul
Elul, the month of feminine energy, is a time to incubate and grow small changes in our lives to give birth to a deeper, transformed relationship between G‑d and man.
A collection of videos on the Jewish month of Elul.
The Lord is My Light!
Chapter 27 of Psalms begins, "By David: The Lord is my Light!" and is known by the Hebrew words, "L'David Hashem Ori." This psalm is customarily recited twice a day starting a month before Rosh Hashanah. What is the deeper meaning of this prayer and what...
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