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Moses: (a) (1393-1273 BCE) Greatest prophet to ever live. Son of Amram and Jochebed, younger brother of Miriam and Aaron. Born in Egypt and raised by Pharaoh’s daughter. Fled to Midian, where he married Zipporah. Deployed by G-d to Egypt to liberate the Israelites. Visited ten plagues upon Egypt, led the Israelites out, and transmitted to them the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Led the Israelites for forty years while they traveled in the desert, all the while performing astonishing miracles and wonders. Died in the Plains of Moab, and succeeded by his disciple Joshua. (b) A common Jewish name.
Question: We read last week how, when G‑d commanded Moses to go down to Egypt to free the Israelites, Moses countered that he was “heavy of mouth and heavy of tongue.” After a lengthy back-and-forth, Moses finally took the job. What I want to know is: why...
Last week's Parshah concluded with the epochal exchange between Moses and G-d over the mystery of human suffering, in which Moses protested, "My G-d, why have You done evil to this people?" The opening verses of this week's Parsha contain -- we assume -- ...
Sound like double trouble? Over-employment? The latest synagogue sitcom? Probably; but Jewish history is never probable.
We're both working on the same puzzle. But my daughter's knowledge flows from the picture to the fragment while my knowledge flows from the fragment to the picture....
At first, Moses' mission seemed to be successful. But then, things start to go wrong and continue to go wrong.
Why is change so difficult? Maybe because, often, we don't really want to change. Ancient Jewish texts describe this problem as a "Pharaoh Syndrome"...
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