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DovBer Pinson

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Rabbi DovBer Pinson is a world-renowned scholar, author, thinker, and beloved spiritual teacher. Amongst his published works are: Reincarnation and Judaism and Toward the Infinite: The Way of Kabbalistic Meditation. Rabbi Pinson heads the Iyyun Institute, a center for Jewish enrichment in Brownstone Brooklyn.

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Adar is the matrix that gives rise to Purim; every day of Adar sparkles with the light of Purim.
Yom Kippur give us the power to tap into our deepest, infinite, non-dualistic selves.
Elul is the month when we do battle, as it were, with our deepest insecurities, negativities and challenges.
Few visuals are as warming to us as the sight of a pure simple flame, luminous and ethereal.
We wave the Four Species to show the Unity of G-d pervades all directions and dimensions.
Mystical secrets of blowing the shofar on Rosh Hashanah
We must be careful how we view things, or interpret them, as our very ‘seeing’ affects the quality of that thing.
The custom of celebrating a boy’s first haircut has been around for hundreds of years, at least.
The five elements of the flame are associated with different Divine names.
Re-Programming our Subconscious: 2 The Power of Creative Visualization
How do we "transform" our subconscious? How do we circumvent our logical, linear left-brain, and go deeper in order to affect a more sustainable evolution of our consciousness? As stated in Part 1, repetitive behavior is one way, as habit...
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