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Every descent of the soul into this world has a specific Divine purpose. This is the case whether it is the soul’s first descent or a subsequent reincarnation. There are many aspects of gilgul haneshamot—reincarnation of the soul—that are complex and intr...
Shaar Hagilgulim
One of life’s greatest challenges is to understand “why?” Often when faced with crisis, trauma, or bereavement, we intuitively search for meaning and purpose. Cold realization that we may never fathom circumstance leaves us numb. One avenue in which Kabba...
QUESTION: "How prevalent is the Jewish belief in reincarnation today? How does it differ from the Asian belief? What do the Rabbis think of it?" ANSWER: Please see our article: Judaism & Reincarnation. QUESTION: "What does the Kabbala say about death ...
QUESTION:"If, as indicated in Shaar Gilgulim, women's souls do not reincarnate, are women all new souls then?" ANSWER: NEW souls are extremely rare, but they could be sparks of the original soul of Adam. Here is the answer I received from an importan...
Part 1
The laws of Hebrew slaves reveal secrets of transmigrations of the soul.
Why the soul splits into multiple lives
The Riddle of Reincarnation
The idea of a soul returning to this world multiple times is indeed explained in Jewish mysticism. But, how do we reconcile the notion of reincarnation with the soul going to heaven? And how can the same soul be connected with many bodies?
An Introduction to Jewish Beliefs About Past Lives
What Is Reincarnation?
What is reincarnation? What part of the human being comes back in another lifetime? Is the soul conscious of its past lives? An in-depth treatment of this mysterious subject.
Torah in Ten: Noach
Topics include: Noah's reincarnation as Moses, the Tower of Babel, Abraham and Sarah as the source of the souls of future converts.
Your soul has travelled many lives.The bad fades away. The good is still there to help you.
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