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The Rebbe addresses disabled Israeli soldiers and athletes - Part 1 (August 19, 1976 · 23 Av, 5736)
Not 'Handicapped' But 'Exceptional'
When someone has a physical weakness or lack, it is a sign that the Creator has endowed that person with special powers which enable him or her to overcome and succeed where the ordinary person cannot.
Exceptional Soldiers
Mr. Yosef Lautenberg was injured in the battle for Jerusalem in 1948, and among the founders of the IDF Disabled Veterans Organization. In 1976 he led the Israeli delegation, made up in large part of injured IDF veterans, to the Paralympics in Toronto, an...
Path to Success
As a young boy, Baruch Wilhelm suffered an accident causing damage to his ears, and requested the Rebbe’s blessing to regain his hearing. While he may not have received what he was hoping for, he received was a deep and impactful lesson to apply throughou...
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