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Rabbi Mendel Kaplan

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Rabbi Mendel Kaplan is the founder and spiritual leader of Chabad @ Flamingo in Thornhill, Ontario, he also serves as a Chaplain of the York Regional Police Service.

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The Haggadah in Depth, Part 15
Abbreviated Afflictions
This careful and insightful study of the Haggadah’s inclusion of seemingly insignificant plague mnemonics is a real eye-opener. See how the mundane-looking unique restatement of the proverbial 10 plagues in abbreviation form contain incredibly profound me...
The Talmud on the Pesach Seder, Lesson 4
Drinking Wine & Staying Alert
This class begins with continued examination of Halachik details regarding the “Four Cups;” with particular focus on volume, taste, and color of the Seder wine. This segues into a related, yet different discussion about the importance of keeping the child...
Parshah Curiosities: Ki-Tisa
Why Was Moses Masked?
The Talmud on the Megillah, Lesson 14
The Evil Queen’s Wild Party
Not to be outdone by her husband, the freshly minted monarch Achashvairosh; the royal heiress turned Queen Vashti hosts a parallel female version of the Inaugural Royal Ball. Being equally promiscuous in character and licentious in behavior; her choice of...
Parshah Curiosities: Tetzaveh
Why the Choshen Went Full Bling
Parshat Tetzaveh contains Divine instructions about fashioning sacred priestly vestments. The most extraordinary and exquisite of them all: the High Priest’s magical Breastplate. Stunningly adorned with 12 precious gemstones set in purest gold; representi...
The Talmud on the Megillah, Lesson 13
Golden Goblets and Merlot Madness
This class explores the subtext of the historic Royal Ball that opens the story of Purim. Although stolen sacred chalices deviously set the scene for sinful indulgence, alcoholic abuse isn’t encouraged as a relatively benign volume of wine is served and n...
The Megillah in Depth, Chapter 5, Part 2
Royal Turnabout is “Fair Pray”
The terrifying faceoff climaxes as Esther prayerfully cries out to G-d from the bottom of her heart; seeing her life flash before her eyes. Achashverosh is visibly infuriated; the executioners move in for the kill… Suddenly, a shockingly dramatic reversal...
Parshah Curiosities: Terumah
The Secrets of a Successful Sanctuary
The eternal divine commandment to build a holy “House for G-d” was initially fulfilled with the mobile Mishkan of Moses—though the ultimate perfection of this mitzvah was only reached by the historic Jerusalem Temples atop Mt. Mariah. Yet, surprisingly th...
The Talmud on the Megillah, Lesson 12
Ballrooms Gone Bad
This fascinating analysis of the Megillah’s verses provide a window into the artificially simulated atmosphere and ambiance that greeted the overflow crowds who flocked to attend King Achashverosh’s ‘Royal Inaugural Ball’ in the nation’s capital. See how ...
The Megillah in Depth, Chapter 5, Part 1
Royal Faceoff!
The opening verse of the fifth chapter of Megillat Esther tells the dramatic story of the mystery queen’s moment of truth. Driven by unwavering faith in G-d, and strengthened by unshakable resolve to carry out her fateful mission, Queen Esther is cloaked ...
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