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Rabbi Mendel Kaplan is the founder and spiritual leader of Chabad @ Flamingo in Thornhill, Ontario, he also serves as a Chaplain of the York Regional Police Service.

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Judaism’s Food Obsession, Part 2
The Kabbalah of Eating Kosher
Dietary laws seem to have defined Judaism from the very beginning, but in our modern era, many query if it’s really that important, and anyway isn’t Kosher-style almost as good? This eye-opening presentation begins at the very earliest biblical origins, a...
Eicha in Depth, Part 14
Verse 16 presents Jerusalem crying bitterly over the savage suffering and brutal, bloody destruction of her children. Endless tears are shed for a vanished reality, as she mourns an enchanted spiritual world that so vibrantly pulsated with holiness, love ...
The Kabbalah on Eating Steak
Judaism’s Food Obsession
Since Biblical times, our people seem to have had an almost obsessive love affair with food. This lecture opens by demonstrating how food has played such a central role in our sacred tradition; even defined our religious experiences since the very beginni...
Eicha in Depth, Part 13
Troublesome Timing
Jeremiah mournfully bewails the crushing of heroic defenders, leaving the innocent maidens defenceless before the bestial enemy who cruelly violated and murdered them by the thousands. The verbiage mysteriously hints at a festive-like appointed time – the...
The Talmud on the giving of the Torah
Too Eager to Comply?
The Talmud continues to present homiletic analysis and insight into our faithful acceptance and unquestioning readiness to obey when we exclaimed, “We’ll Do and Listen,” before knowing what it was all about! Rather than an important historic happening, ou...
The Talmud on the giving of the Torah
Yes, We Will!
Prior to mass revelation at Sinai, our ancestors were asked if they were ready to become the recipients of the Torah. Unanimously, we responded with the [now] famous declaration “Na’aseh v’Nishma; first “we’ll do” (obey), and then “we’ll listen” (learn).”...
The Talmud on the giving of the Torah
Sweep of Sinai: Commitment or Coercion?
The straightforward Torah narrative indicates collective willingness and joyous commitment by our ancestors; however Midrashic tradition seems to tell a very different story, which includes coercion by dint of extraordinary pressure and extreme consequenc...
The Talmud on the giving of the Torah
Scheduling History
Citing historical anecdotal evidence as it's documented in authentic Torah sources would seem to conclusively prove the date of Matan Torah. However, in the end it seems that certain documentation ultimately reflects a particular school of thought. This c...
The Talmud on the giving of the Torah
Dating Our Anniversary
The Talmud continues its quest for the exact date of Matan Torah by carefully analysing scriptural framing of historical events. This class provides profound insight into the workings of the Jewish calendar, which ultimately render the drawing of a precis...
The Talmud on the Pesach Seder, Lesson 6
“Passover Wine: 4x4”
This class provides a comprehensive overview of the notion of Halachic sizes and measures comprising the specific parameters of the fulfillment of many Mitzvahs. This discussion serves as an intro to understanding the Talmud’s analysis of the required vol...
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