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Mendel Kaplan

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Rabbi Mendel Kaplan is the founder and spiritual leader of Chabad @ Flamingo in Thornhill, Ontario, he also serves as a Chaplain of the York Regional Police Service.

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The Megillah in Depth, Chapter 5, Part 6
A Wicked Wife’s Wisdom for a Final Solution
Seeking his wife’s sage, sensitive advice, Haman recounts his many achievements and personal triumphs, emphasising that none of it has any value as long as Persia’s most famous Jew exists – the immediate elimination of the impudent Jewish leader is absolu...
Observing Birthdays: A Torah Tradition or Pagan Aberration?
Are Birthday Celebrations Kosher?
This in-depth excavation digs deeply into scripture and Talmudic teachings about the observance of birthdays by both royals and regulars alike. Should ancient associations of birthdays and idolatrous rites disqualify us from marking the anniversary of our...
The Megillah in Depth, Chapter 5, Part 5
Haman's Joy & Wrath
Thrilled with the special private royal feast he just attended, Haman finally achieves inner satisfaction at achieving the apex of success. But his fanatical anti-Semitism robs him of his happiness. Seeing the Jew Mordechai placidly occupying his parliame...
Parsha Curiosities: Beshalach
Secrets of the Splitting Sea
Discover the fascinating story of what actually took place when the Sea of Reeds miraculously split open.
The Megillah in Depth, Chapter 5, Part 4
The Drinks Are on Me
As the fine wine flows, the King relaxes in the exclusive company of his Prime Minister and Queen. Realizing that she wouldn’t risk her life for a banquet, he repeats his inquiry – seeking insight into the real nature of her wishes. Yet the reticent Queen...
The Megillah in Depth, Chapter 5, Part 3
Esther’s Game of Thrones
Although Esther had flagrantly disobeyed and consequently infuriated him, the thin-skinned, easily angered King was miraculously overcome with tenderness. Lovingly, he offers up to “half the kingdom” to fulfil her desires. Perplexingly, the mission-driven...
Parsha Curiosities: Bo
Man's Best Friend
In the Biblical narrative of the 10th plague; the silence of the dogs seems deafening. Why does the Torah lavish so much attention to muzzled barking at a time of widespread death and devastation? During the course of this investigation, we reveal the uni...
Parsha Curiosities: Va'eira
Our Ancestral Lingua Franca
A brief introduction about Moses’ first sermon (authored by G-d Himself!) – the language of its delivery and how the assembled would have understood it – takes a remarkable turn, segueing into mysterious language legends regarding the literary and spoken ...
Intermediate Talmud: Tractate Shabbat, Lesson 31
Sacred Statutes – Contrast and Synthesis
We’ve previously traced the sources for the ruling that although defiled Terumah must be destroyed, benefit may nonetheless be derived during that process. Our Sages now continue their scholarly quest for additional sources of this legal principle. Drawin...
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