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Arnie Gotfryd

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Dr. Arnie Gotfryd, PhD, is a chassidic Jew and environmental scientist, having earned Canada’s first doctorate in Applied Ecology. He designed and taught an accredited, award-winning undergraduate course called Faith and Science which has been the most popular offering at University of Toronto’s New College for many years.
He writes and speaks extensively on the interplay of science and faith, and what it all means for the individual and the world at large. You can visit his website for more.
How Random is Life?
Mohan Srivastava’s daughter is only eight years old, but she already knows how to pick winning lottery tickets up to 90 percent of the time. She’s not a prophetess, nor is she a genius—it’s a trick she was taught by her statistician father, who looks for ...
Physical reality is like your computer screen. The pictures it displays aren't substantial physical objects, but dynamic images that are being constantly regenerated.
When we get to the climax of the prayer service, the top rung of the ladder, the Amida, what do we hear? Nothing. Just lips moving. But why? Why, after all the hub-bub, when we get to the heart of our personal conversation with G-d, do we finally go silen...
Are you investing your life savings based on wikinformation? Are you treating a fatal condition based on a health blog you found? Are you calling a once-in-a-lifetime business contact on a VOIP line?
Does morality have any influence on a person's physical strength? A new discovery by scientists reflects ancient wisdom on the subject while providing new insight into a curious yet popular Jewish expression of appreciation.
Jacques Berger looked me up and down, noting my long ponytail, plaid flannel shirt and threadbare, faded blue jeans. He must have also noticed my ethnically distinct nose...
At least ninety percent of Americans pray every day, asking and thanking their Maker for blessings of health, wealth and peace of mind. But what would happen, asked psychologist Nathaniel Lambert of Florida State University, if we focused our prayers on t...
How does a seven-day cycle manifest itself in nature? Or does it?
In the middle of this lab session, as literally hundreds of undergraduate students like me were racing against the clock, I was summoned to the side by one of the dozens of supervisors...
Secrets from the Trenches: How one man transformed a crime-ridden Bronx school
His first day on the job, there was a beating. The victim, a young teenager, suffered brain damage, vision loss and more. After having the perpetrator arrested for assault, Waronker got a personal death threat...
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