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Merkos Shlichut (Roving Rabbis)

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A pair of “Roving Rabbis” visited the Jewish communities of Serbia, finding both the remembrance of history and a hope for the future in their members.
A Report from Cyprus
Getzy Markowitz is part of a group of students who are visiting communities across the island of Cyprus. Some excerpts of Markowitz's daily report.
Chabad-Lubavitch rabbinical Students are in Cyprus for the summer
Baila, who fled Nazi Europe as a young girl, wept as her 5-year-old granddaughter kissed a mezuzah for the first time. Paula, who grew up in New Jersey and married a non-Jew, has mixed feelings about her own daughter's discovery of Judaism...
"Shalom Gefiltefish!" was the salutation that greeted us upon encountering the smiling face of Mr. B. To our credit, we didn't bat an eye. Hardened by two weeks of searching out Jews in the hamlets and backroads of Montana, in which we'd heard just about ...
Bostonian in a Faraway Land
My father-in-law, the Rebbe, instituted “Merkos Shlichus,” whereby Yeshiva students volunteer each summer to visit remote Jewish communities in order to raise awareness of Torah, Mitzvos and Judaism.
Every year, Chabad emissaries stationed in 86 countries and 600 “Roving Rabbis” host seders all over the world. Check out the snapshots below, and challenge yourself to guess where they are.
For the few Jews on this Nordic island, seders led by visiting rabbis become even more meaningful
The Jewish community in Iceland is unique in the fact that it almost doesn’t exist. With no synagogue, no community center and no official leadership, the Jews of the “Land of Fire and Ice” have had to work extra hard just to bring their scattered brethre...
Who they met during a coast-to-coast assignment, what they accomplished, how they were inspired
Rabbi Zushi Rivkin, 25, and Rabbi Mendy Wilschanski, 24, just completed a five-week assignment in which they visited Jewish communities and individuals from South Florida to Southern California. As part of Chabad’s Merkos Shlichus “Roving Rabbis” program,...
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