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Matzah: unleavened bread eaten on Passover
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What's Matzah all about? When during the Seder do we eat it, and how much to eat each time?
The Edible Mitzvah
Matzah is more than a food, it's the way we relive the Exodus. It's also the only mitzvah we have today that we actually eat and digest...
The seder's menu features many different foods. The taste of each entry on the menu alludes to a path to redemption.
Short insights to make your Passover experience more meaningful
The Meaning Behind the Matzah
The history of crunchy matzah
I’ve heard people say that matzah used to be soft. Is this true? And if it is, can I use pita for my matzah?
Parshah Curiosities: Bo
All About Watching the Matzah
Learn the many layers of meaning to the Torah’s instruction to guard and watch the Passover matzahs.
Watch how matzah is made from start to finish.
The Story of the Matzah
Two Types of Matzah
Understanding the deeper meaning and symbolism behind the mitzvah to eat matzah on Passover night.
A Passover Class
Bread of Poverty
The matzah we eat at the seder must be "lechem oni" (lit. bread of poverty) which is made from nothing but flour and water, yet the matzah that the Jews ate when they left Egypt was allowed to be made with other ingredients as well. What are the practical...
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